ANNAPOLIS — Ahead of the elections this fall, the League of Women Voters of Maryland offers the nonpartisan online election resource

According to a news release, this “one-stop shop” for election information provides simple, easy tools to help Maryland voters navigate the voting process. VOTE411 provides candidate information, a voter registration tool, a link to request mail-in ballots and other helpful election information.

“Voters in our state need simple, accessible tools to help them navigate the voting process before they cast their ballot,” said Barbara Crain, the league's voter service chairperson. “VOTE411 is the nation’s premiere online election resource, and the League of Women Voters of Maryland has published our voter guide on VOTE411 to serve as a resource for all of Maryland’s voters.”

VOTE411 helps voters learn about candidate stances, look up what’s on their ballot, find their polling places and view the league’s online forums and town halls.

Additionally, the league uses the information in VOTE411 to produce Voters’ Guides for each county. The guides are available on at

New this year is a dedicated page for guides that have been adapted for screen readers: This set of guides will allow voters with visual impairments to easily access the election information they need.

“The League of Women Voters of Maryland is glad that we are able to provide this important, nonpartisan resource to enable Maryland voters to have the information they need to participate in our democracy,” said Richard Willson, Maryland league co-president. “We encourage voters to visit VOTE411 to make a voting plan so they are prepared to cast their vote confidently in 2020!”

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