CHESTERTOWN — Kent Attainable Housing, the nonprofit building homes for low income ownership, is partnering with BB&T Bank to teach financial management skills to prospective homebuyers.

According to a news release, students in the current classes are all applicants for a Kent Attainable Housing home and will need to have a good understanding of credit, loans, assets and liabilities and family budgeting as they become first time homeowners.

Amanda Wallace is cluster branch leader of Chestertown and Millington BB&T Bank locations, soon to come under the banner of Truist following a merger with Sun Trust late last year. Wallace teaches the financial classes.

“I am passionate about financial wellness,” said Wallace at the first workshop.

She has also taught community members at the Kent Family Center and students at Kent County High School, the release states.

BB&T developed a number of financial knowledge classes for community members including high school students. The “Bank for Your Success” curriculum covers three main topics: banking basics, family budgeting and becoming a homeowner.

The company’s Financial Foundations Program includes 23 online modules designed “to put you in more control of your financial life.”

These free interactive courses are available to anyone who signs onto the BB&T website at

“We are so appreciative that BB&T has developed this extensive financial literacy curriculum for adults and high school students and for Amanda’s knowledge and passion in teaching it. Our applicants have told us that if they had only known known earlier what they are now learning, they would have made very different financial decisions in their younger lives,” said Kent Attainable Housing President Lani Seikaly,

During the first class, Understanding and Improving your Credit Score, Wallace identified some common mistakes that can hurt your credit rating: maxing out a credit card, closing an old account, applying for too many things in a short amount of time, not using credit at all and only using one type of credit.

To access one’s credit report, Wallace recommends the free website

Wallace also has led a workshop on family budgeting, a credit cards and loans class and has added another credit score improvement workshop. Additional classes will be offered as applicant needs are identified.

For information about Kent Attainable Housing, call 443-282-0622 or email

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