EASTON — November was National Home Care Month and for the staff of University of Maryland Shore Regional Health’s two home entities, UM Shore Home Care and UM Chester River Home Care, there has been much to celebrate, a news release states.

UM Shore Home Care and UM Chester River Home Care have served patients in Caroline, Dorchester, Kent, Queen Anne’s and Talbot counties for more than 20 years. The two agencies provide a full range of services including skilled nursing; physical, occupational and speech therapy; medical social work; and home health aide assistance.

Chester River Home Care and Shore Home Care now include 50 staff whose shared goal is to help each patient maintain optimal health and independence in his or her home setting, whether a family residence, a group home or a residential care facility, the release states.

UM Shore Home Care and UM Chester River Home Care also provide the Phillips’s Lifeline systems that promote safety for elderly and disabled persons living on their own. The newest offering is the GoSafe Mobile 2 System.

“The GoSafe 2 mobile medical alert service is an all-in-one system that enables responders to locate the wearer quickly in an emergency and provides a connection to a trained Lifeline Response Associate, 24/7,” said Kim Honeycutt, personal response program facilitator for both home care agencies. “Its main advantage is that thanks to AT&T wireless network coverage, the GoSafe Mobile 2 wearer can be out in the community as well as at home.”

Rita Holley, director of Home Care Service for UM Shore Regional Health, said, “During FY 2019 our clinicians served more than 1,800 individual patients and conducted more than 34,300 visits-driving over 410,400 miles in and around our five-county region to provide in-home care.”

Home Health Manager Trish Focht is most proud of the strong satisfaction ratings the two agencies received from patients and their families.

“Our home care patient satisfaction rates continue to consistently exceed national state averages by several percentage points,” Focht said. “Among home care agencies in Maryland, the average satisfaction rating for satisfaction with overall care from an agency is 83%, and the national rating is 84%. Chester River Home Care’s score is 94% and Shore Home Care’s score is 93%. Our patients and their loved ones compliment the staff, not only on their professional skill and knowledge, but also on their warm and supportive demeanor.”

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