Chesapeake Republican Women share tour of White House Christmas

Carrie O’Connor stands in the hall of the White House as the Chesapeake Republican Women toured the holiday decorations.

CENTREVILLE — Members of the Chesapeake Republican Women were pleased to enjoy a very special tour of the White House before Christmas. As described in the literature provided to tour guests, the theme this year for the White House decorations was “America the Beautiful.”

A tribute to the “majesty of our great nation”, the trees individual themes coincided with those “boundless natural wonders” found coast to coast. Homage was also given to those frontline workers tasked with keeping American citizens safe and healthy, as well as members of the Armed Forces.

Centreville resident and CRW member Carrie O’Connor shared her photos and highlights of the visit. “Our trip to the White House truly was magical and it was hard to isolate what aspects were the ones that I wanted to share most,” O’Connor said, “I loved the whole day.”

“It was an honor to tour the White House Christmas decorations through my membership with the Chesapeake Republican Women,” O’Connor said. “Although I have Republican influenced roots, today I support Bipartisanship efforts as a vehicle toward positive outcomes for everyday Americans. The White House is one equal branch of our brilliantly designed three branch government, un-beholden to any one inhabitant.”

O’Connor said she particularly enjoyed turning a corner and seeing a portrait of former Republican President, Ronald Reagan which evoked fond memories of her teenage years and a quote by Reagan which she hold’s dear, “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone”.

The VIP tour was arranged by Diana Waterman for Chesapeake Republican Women members. They are looking to expand membership and welcome male members as associate members. For more information visit

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