CHESTERTOWN — This spring, certified arborist Jason Anthony launches his new business Pleasant Trees LLC on Maryland’s Upper Eastern Shore.

Specializing in fine tree pruning, cabling and bracing to help support weak branch unions or stems, lightning protection, tree risk assessment and tree removal, Pleasant Trees considers the tree health, home safety and landscape aesthetics of each client’s property, a news release states.

Many of us grew up climbing trees — but for Pleasant Trees owner/operator Jason Anthony, the drive to ascend from limb to limb never stopped.

As a teenager, Anthony started climbing trees professionally. Twenty years later, he has spent his career providing skilled tree canopy care, motivated by a deep appreciation for the positive and meaningful impact trees make on our natural environment, the release states.

“Trees are not just our business but also our passion,” Anthony said. “We love and appreciate trees for the many invaluable benefits they provide us. Trees are living, breathing, growing, defending, producing, reproducing, rainwater absorbing, carbon sequestering, oxygen producing, habitat providing, essential parts of our everyday lives.”

Anthony is a certified arborist, a Maryland licensed tree expert and tree risk assessment qualified.

He has never lost his love of perspective and challenge that is only found at the top of the highest canopy and has traveled the country to compete in tree climbing events with the best arborists in the world, the release states.

“I created Pleasant Trees, LLC to build lasting, meaningful relationships with tree owners and the trees in their care,” Anthony said. “It’s important to me to establish and cultivate those connections, to promote tree vitality and longevity while always ensuring a very pleasant experience.”

Based out of Annapolis, Pleasant Trees services trees and properties on the Upper Shore.

For more information, visit, follow them on Facebook @pleasanttreesllc or call 443-480-4304.

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