Good morning Trojans.

Like every other assignment in high school, this speech was heavily procrastinated, but obviously, it was done.

Procrastination is truly a universal art form, as no one is safe from their own laziness. However, as we move into our “adult” life, it seems we can no longer afford to procrastinate in the future.

We all have personally felt the consequences of the previous generations’ attempts to “procrastinate” the inevitable. We constantly witness the resistance to social justice, environmental activism, and any help to the general population. This resistance is a more devious form of procrastination, as it genuinely affects people, unlike my late engineering project for Mr. King.

With this, I hope we can realize that it may be okay to procrastinate an assignment, but to delay the future is to swim against the current of change. Continued procrastination delays the inevitable and furthers the severity.

While the tragedies of the past may cast their shadows on our backs, it is important for us to create the brightness for the path of uncertainty that each of us must walk. As individuals and as a collective, we are capable of anything we put our minds and hearts to.

However, our greatest enemy is ourselves and our mastery of procrastination.

Whatever our path may be, our future is truly great, but if we do not get up and make it ours, it is just another forgotten dream.

The greatness of our future will not be limited to us but will create the template and inspiration for others to soon follow.

So Class of 2021, let us always strive and prosper and no longer procrastinate on the greatness of our future.

Thank you, Kent!

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