CHESTERTOWN — The Downtown Chestertown Association and the Chestertown Arts and Entertainment District partnered together bring back a Halloween tradition.

Businesses and a couple of teams of residents took to the streets last week to for the revived parking meter scarecrow contest. In addition, there was a pumpkin carving contest for local residents.

There was a four-way tie for the scarecrow contest: "Salty Anna" by the Sydney Brookes Team, "Marilyn" by the Ellen Gale Team, RiverArts KidSPOT and Bee Crafty. In addition, "Octopus' Garden" by the Finishing Touch was named the Family Favorite.

There were four categories in the pumpkin-craving contest: Funniest, Most Creative, Best Artistry and Scariest.

The winners for Funniest were: "Bad Hair Day" by James Stark, first place; "Nurse Ashley" by Ashley Smith, second place; and "Fishy Face" by Jasper Swanson, third place.

In the Most Creative category, the winner were: "Behind Bars (For Stealing Candy) by Alden Swanson, first place; "Day of the Garden Dead" by Amy Brown, second place; and "The Skull Eye" by Lucy Tilghman, third place.

Best Artistry went to: "House of Boo (Radley)" and "Trick or Treating" both by Laura Johnston Wilson, first place; "Starry Night" by Caradyn Hamlen, second place; and "Hand Over Your Soul" by Sukie Tilghman, third place.

The Scariest carvings were: "Cannibalism" by Kato Swanson, first place; "Scary Pants" by Colton Seningen, second place; and "The Skull of Swanson" by August Swanson, third place.

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