Listed below are the marriage licenses submitted to the Kent County Courthouse in February and March. Included are the names of the couples, and the recorded dates of their marriages.

Michael Edward Rich, 52, and Signy Stephanie Louise Ellerton, 36, both of Chestertown, Feb. 7.

Raymond Victor Gomez, 86, of Chestertown, and Patricia Kurtz Kobes, 79, of Rock Hall, Feb. 8.

James Michael Clough, 20, and Starlene Amber Kadner, 21, both of Rock Hall, Feb. 14.

Kenneth Melvin Ferguson, 40, and Wendy Kaye Miller, 45, both of Barclay, Feb. 22.

Joseph Michael Whelan, 27, of Earleville, and Lisa Michelle Young, 27, of Galena, March 1.

Brett Michael Vanzant, 24, and Rosemarie Lyn Lobley, 28, both of Chestertown, March 1.

Michael Stephen Fahrman, 38, and Brittani Marie Zsebedics, 24, both of Betterton, March 2.

Joel Nunez Gonzalez-Rhadmes, 28, and Monica Maria Sandoval, 30, both of Baltimore, March 6.

Justin Kyle Dempsey, 22, and Chelsea Lynn Pratt, 23, both of Townsend, Del., March 15.

David Salvatore Piccone, 28, and Margaret Lake Laabs, 34, both of Ellicott City, March 15.

Robert Dennis Hager, 63, and Timothy Gerard Johnson, 54, both of Millington, March 16.

Ryan Edward Roberts, 20, and Christina Noel Gordon, 19, both of Chestertown, March 21.

Michael Paul Merkel, 27, and Magnolia Perez Vicente, 30, both of Chestertown, March 27.

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