Listed below are the marriage licenses submitted to the Kent County Courthouse in September. Included are the names of the couples, and the recorded dates of their marriages.

Hadley Richmond Wilmerding, 29, of Philadelphia, Pa., and Gregory John Stigliano, 31, of Ardmore, Pa., Aug. 6.

Annika Nordin Saltman, 28, and Jeffrey Sebastian Cox, 32, both of Seattle, Wash., Sept. 6.

Gregg Hannold Talley, 54, and Paul Joseph Waga, 39, both of Woodbury, N.J., Sept. 5.

Mary Christina Myers, 42, and Charles Gordon Jones III, 50, both of Grasonville, Sept. 6.

Krystal Nicole Riley, 32, and William Edward Caulk, 47, both of Rock Hall, Sept. 6.

Sheree Chian-Hsuan Wu, 34, and Jonathan Edward Almy, 29, both of New York, N.Y., Sept. 6.

Richard Carl Hastings Jr., 32, and Amanda Dawn Horan, 29, both of Smyrna, Del., Sept. 12.

Brendan Vincent Cooper, 30, of Chestertown, and Yanina Cooper, 29, of Felton, Del., Sept. 16.

Holly Ann Tedesco, 23, and Nicholas Aaron Taylor, 24, both of North East, Sept. 6.

James Adam Murchake Jr., 24, and Kristen Jenna Jacquette, 25, both of Rock Hall, Sept. 13.

Andrew Jacob Ireland, 24, and Holly Carol Jones, 23, both of Rock Hall, Sept. 13.

Kevin Thomas Rea, 41, and Amber Nicole Craig, 29, both of Earleville, Sept. 13.

Stephanie Marie Ireland, 25, of Chestertown, and Charles Justin Poukish, 25, of Ridgely, Sept. 13.

William Douglas Arrowood, 40, of Chestertown, and Amanda Heather Ashley, 40, of Philadelphia, Pa., Aug. 31.

Timothy Allen Smith, 55, and Susan Lynn Ottinger, 50, both of Chestertown, Aug. 31.

Joseph Andrew Austin Jr., 34, and Catherine Elyse Hurley, 27, both of Burtonsville, Aug. 30.

Jessica Lauren Watters, 27, and Ashley Nicole Johnson, 25, both of Norfolk, Va., Aug. 30.

Ingrid Hansen, 56, and Lynn Louise Bergeson, 61, both of Chevy Chase, Sept. 16.

Mark Richard G. Still, 43, of Reading, Pa., and Hope Joan Krapf, 45, of West Chester, Pa., Sept. 20.

Victoria Lynn Hall, 43, and John Jeffrey Schuster, 48, both of Baltimore, Sept. 20.

Michael Dale Vied, 27, and Kiley Shannon Best, 30, both of Middletown, Del., Sept. 13.

Jonathan Mastin Wright, 35, and Stuart Paul Alter, 53, both of Wayne, Pa., Sept. 13.

Joel Thomas Abrahamson, 34, and Hugo Amos Greyling, 35, both of Leesburg, Va., Sept. 25.

Pamela Jean Hobbs, 31, and Dale Daren Davis, 46, both of Windsor Mill, Sept. 20.

Felix Nakeli Etinge, 42, and Celina Egbe Ayuk, 38, both of Smyrna, Del., Sept. 25.

Stephanie Jean Shipley, 25, of Ridgely,

and Noah David Labelle, 32, of Henderson, Sept. 20.

Mary Kathleen McDevitt, 28, of Abington, Pa., and Matthew Garrett Renn, 28, of Huntingdon Valley, Pa., Sept. 20.

Jeffrey Lynn Kimbell, 56, and Margaret Theresa Stewart, 55, both of Glen Burnie, Sept. 20.

Jervis Wayne Seals, 54, of Barclay, and Linda Kay Rasin, 51, of Millington, Sept. 27.

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