Listed below are the marriage licenses submitted to the Kent County Courthouse in August. Included are the names of the couples, and the recorded dates of their marriages.

Adrian Issac Lowry, 26, and Lauren Alexis Meek, 25, both of Radford, Va., Aug. 2.

Lester Thomas Mayne III, 54, and Paula Christine Myers, 47, both of Chestertown, Aug. 2.

Blaine Bradford Collison, 45, and Stacy Marie Cook, 38, both of Bethesda, Aug. 3.

Robert Leonard Tabone, 72, and Lois Newberry Jones, 70, both of Millsboro, Del., Aug. 3.

Zachary Joseph Schutte, 20, of Lititz, Pa., and Katelynn Grace Sagaser, 21, of Centreville, Aug. 3.

Barry Stokes Whitehead, 41, and Kathleen Erin Gallagher, 42, both of Manassas, Va., Aug. 3.

James Palmer Lewis, 71, and Frances Ann Scherl, 67, both of Fairview, N.C., Aug. 4.

Antonio William Dean, 27, and Shelton Malik Hasan, 36, both of Greensboro, N.C., Aug. 9.

Evan Scott Diamond, 48, and Daphne Yvette Shirey, 44, both of Fulton, Aug. 9.

David Richard Dierker, 28, and Jessica Kathleen Wilson, 29, both of Baltimore, Aug. 10.

Ronald Taylor Croissette, 70, and Tatiana Tania Disparte, 52, both of Millington, Aug. 12.

Charles Robert Britton, 48, of Shamokin, Pa., and Catherine Mary Zimmerman, 42, of Albrightsville, Pa., Aug. 15.

William McKinley Parks, 66, and Challice Metcalfe, 59, both of Betterton, Aug. 16.

Paul Lee Fierro Jr., 56, of Effort, Pa., and Kimberly Ann Sedler, 46, of Bethlehem, Pa., Aug. 17.

Stephen Joseph Rostek, 58, of Baltimore, and Joann Leona Davis, 57, of Nottingham, Aug. 17.

Christopher Michael Stafford, 23, and Jodie Beth Wood, 24, both of Still Pond, Aug. 17.

Anibel Rosa, 45, and Diana Milagros Quezada, 33, both of Philadelphia, Pa., Aug. 18.

Andrew Richard Fratzke, 24, and Kimberly Ann Darling, 24, both of Hartly, Del., Aug. 24.

Peter Michael Lill, 20, and Amanda Marie Ford, 21, both of Rock Hall, Aug. 24.

Frank Eugene Slate, 72, and Ronald David Dykes, 66, both of Brooksville, Fla., Aug. 24.

Tristan Markham Stone, 29, and Christina Elvira Walker-Merry, 30, both of Betterton, Aug. 24.

Harry Blair Willis II, 25, and Michelle Lee Walls, 29, both of Chestertown, Aug. 28.

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