Listed below are the marriage licenses submitted to the Kent County Courthouse in June. Included are the names of the couples, and the recorded dates of their marriages.

Colette Lynn Krahenbuhl, 32, and Joseph Raymond Sharburgh, 33, both of Washington D.C.; June 7.

Louis Francis Xavier Mancuso Jr., 28, and Jennifer Lynn Sears, 30, both of Betterton; June 7.

Thomas Philip White IV, 40, of Elkton, and Trevlyn Delores Jerrick, 42, of New Castle, Del.; June 7.

Aaron Scott Greene, 24, and Heather Nicole Pierce, 27, both of Ft. Monroe, Va.; June 7.

Kimberly Anne Crothers, 26, and Billy Jo Davis, 31, both of Wyoming, Del.; June 7.

Aaron Sean Hairston Sr., 43, and Shenise Anton’ee Ferrell, 42, both of New Castle, Del.; June 13.

Christopher Bo Barker, 27, and Tessa Marie Brawley, 27, both of Germantown; June 14.

Brian David Brookman, 49, and Rachel Marie Parkes, 39, both of Stevensville; June 14.

Cathleen Marie Yetter, 34, and Timothy John Schaefer, 36, both of Rockville; June 14.

Aaron Joseph Berman, 29, and Brittany Lorne Patton, 29, both of Chestertown; June 14.

Jonathan Sisson Ferrell, 31, of Philadelphia, Pa., and Devon Michelle Brickhart, 32, of Phoenixville, Pa.; June 14.

Patricia Ann Boote, 56, and Brenda Gail Hunsberger, 52, both of West Grove, Pa.; June 14.

Marshall Carrington Taylor, 26, and Jessica Ann Lambert, 25, both of Worton; June 14.

Hunter Covington Unruh, 28, of Townsend, Del., and Julie Elizabeth Mitchell, 26, of Middletown, Del.; June 14.

Kimberly Dawn McGonigal, 25, and Gavin Keith Seward, 30, both of Chestertown; June 14.

Jordan Lucas Kincaid, 28, of Aberdeen, and Madonna Rose Waddell, 26, of Millington; June 21.

Ashley Marie Tyner, 27, and John James Pleasanton, 25, both of Chestertown; June 20.

Emily Catherine Dolinger, 28, of Nottingham, Pa., and Brian Christopher Shannon, 31, of Oxford, Pa.; June 20.

Melvin Javon Freeman, 35, and Le’Shay Cassandra Boyce, 27, both of Chestertown; June 21.

Kendall Kathleen Jacquette, 22, of Rock Hall, and Ryan Richard Manning, 22, of Chestertown; June 21.

Ryan Christopher Phillips, 32, and Michelle Lauren Bush, 30, both of Voorhees, N.J.; June 21.

Paul Preston Wickes, 32, and Jessica Rose Wallace, 27, both of Philadelphia, Pa.; June 21.

Pablo Lopez III, 33, and Casey Nalani Capps, 34, both of Worton; June 25.

Michael Joseph Harris, 50, and Eileen Elisabeth Bradford, 54, both of Severna Park; June 30.

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