1. I was born in England, immigrated to the US in ’75, and grew up in Appalachia Pennsylvania. I worked on a horse farm and studied meteorology/climatology before serving 23 years U.S. Air Force Medical Service. My first deployment was a humanitarian medical mission to Guantanamo Bay, providing medical care to Cuban and Haitian migrants and refugees. It was that experience that motivated me to become a U.S. citizen. I spent two years supporting the Aeromedical Evacuation mission in the Balkans. That mission provided a stark view of how a country can be torn apart by political extremism. My last assignment was Senior Command Medical Logistician, Office of the Air Surgeon, National Guard Bureau. I was responsible for ensuring all of the units within the Command were sufficiently equipped to accomplish their assigned mission and overseeing the training requirements of two career fields. The position involved analysis, deliberate planning, and the validation of requirements.

2. I am running for two reasons:

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