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Think before you flush, plumber says

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Palmer's Plumbing

Casey and Jason Palmer are owners of Palmer’s Plumbing based in Queenstown.

QUEENSTOWN — Jason Palmer, owner of Palmer’s Plumbing LLC and local Master Plumber and Gas Fitter, is on a quest to increase awareness of an all too often disregarded warning. Flushing anything other than toilet paper down the toilet is a bad idea. With the most recent stay-at-home order, household plumbing systems are working overtime. Families must pay close attention to what they and their children are tossing into the toilet or risk a messy and inconvenient situation.

With many people having a harder time finding toilet paper, some are using baby wipes, tissues, napkins and even paper towels instead. “These things don’t necessarily damage the toilet, but because they don’t break down as easily as toilet paper, it increases the chances of clogging or backing up the waste pipes” Palmer said.

He also warned that compromised or older plumbing systems are at an even greater risk for backing up. “Old cast iron or galvanized piping could have scale build up on the inside which causes the cloth fibers of the flushed material to get hung up on its way out to the septic or sanitary sewer. Long term, this could turn into a much larger and costly repair.”

As essential services, many plumbers and septic companies are still operating and available to help if you need them. Palmer said he has implemented several precautionary safety measures to protect his customers and his team. In addition to disinfecting tools and works spaces on a regular basis, his employees are wearing gloves and boot covers as well as frequently using hand sanitizer when hand washing is not available.

In return, he is asking his customers to maintain a minimum of six feet distance during their service call, reschedule if anyone in the house is feeling unwell, and be understanding that instead of the traditional handshake, you will now get a “thumbs up” or a “wave.”

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