PRESTON — Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Is this what our lives have come to now? Thank you Coronavirus for redefining normalcy. Thank you for quarantining a bunch of socially awkward people who only know how to be social on social media.

Thank you for locking down a group of social butterflies who are only used to returning to their cocoons once they are done “peopleing.” Thank you for forcing us to stay home to binge watch documentaries on Netflix about tigers.

Then rush to Facebook to post spoiler alerts without first alerting people that we’re going to spoil it. Thank you CV (can I call you CV?) for locking us down with the same people that we already have to see every single day. But wait! Isn’t this how were living before?

Weren’t we already flooding social media with post after post? Isn’t it normal for us to scroll through our timelines to catch up on what fabricated and sensationalized lives our friends want us to believe they are living?

Wasn’t it already the norm to binge watch shows on one of the many streaming platforms that are collectively on their way to costing just as much as our over-priced cable bills? And what about the people with whom we live? Weren’t we already, (dramatic pause) living with them? So, what’s so new about this normal?

The answer to that question lies within each of us individually. What we have to keep in mind is that the body responds to the mind. Looking at this “new normal” as a negative thing will only have unfavorable physical effects. A strong mind creates a strong body, but a weakened mind drains the body of its strength and energy.

Eventually, we will have to return to the lives we once knew. The last thing we want is to return to those lives as weakened and watered-down versions of ourselves.

Whether you are self-quarantining, or have been forced to quarantine, this is the perfect time to add some “difference” to your “normal.” Instead of only binge watching shows, spend more time reading, writing, or playing brain games. It is important that we keep our minds sharp.

The four corners of our minds are much bigger than the four corners of our living rooms. And since we are being confined to our living rooms, move some furniture to the side and exercise. Pull up workout videos on YouTube if you have to. Even if you don’t have much room, you would be surprised at the amount of exercises that require little to no space.

Do research on how to keep your immune system strong, so that if God forbid we are faced with another pandemic such as the Coronavirus, your bodies will be better equipped to deal with it. The holistic lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular.

This is a great time to learn how certain lifestyle changes can affect the body as a whole. Open your minds to new ways of adding years to your lives, and quality to those years.

It is imperative that we don’t waste this time of quarantine being inactive and unproductive. Our bodies will be depending on us once things return to normal. Our homes are our comfort zones, but we must be careful about where that comfort leads us.

There is a fine line between comfort and complacency. Complacency is the death of creativity, the blinder of foresight, the hinderer of progress. It causes us to be ok with falling into the routine of wash, rinse, repeat.

And although there is a definite need for routine, there should also be room for change. If we have to experience a new normal, let’s create it ourselves. Our minds and bodies will thank us later.

Tyrell James, co-owner of Born Champions Boxing, is also the owner of Rellic Fitness where he is a boxing coach, master herbalist, and health coach. He is also a personal trainer and nutritionist at Preston Gym.

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