The week of May 4th is recognized across the nation as Teacher Appreciation Week. This year, perhaps more than ever before — parents and students are recognizing just how much their teachers mean. Although words fail to do adequate justice for these “every day heroes” Anna Mansfield a parent from Caroline County wanted to help share some words of thanks and support. Mansfield gathered the sentiments of many students and parents from across the county. Below are a few of those heartfelt messages.

Jessica Scott NCHS IA

I appreciate that she is there to help me understand the material that is difficult. Thank you for being happy in class.

Submitted by Cayden Mansfield

Lindsay Manship RES

I like that she is a very nice teacher. I like that she is always giving me great, helpful feedback especially while learning at home.

Submitted by Kaylee Mansfield

Becky Mann, 7th Grade Science Teacher, Lockerman Middle School

Mrs. Mann makes science fun because she is funny and creative. Her classroom was cozy and warm and she made you feel at home. That is what I miss the most about not being in school.

Submitted by Isabella Woodworth

James Hester/LMS/PE

Thank you for helping with our PE Class. It was fun. I miss class and you.

Submitted by Juliann Bennett

Mrs. Brown, RES/2nd Grade

Thank you for helping me get through hard math problems.

Submitted by Leslie Scharf

Rebecca Weisman, RES

I have a GREAT 5th grade teacher and we loved all your class surprises!!! Miss you.

Submitted by Santos Scharf

Earl Foster, NCHS

Thanks for helping understand rubrics of reading and poetry.

Mr. Culver Rausch NCHS — Making history fun!

Submitted by Dandy Scharf

Mr.Witek and Mr.Rickards, NCHS

Always responds to their emails from students very quickly.

Making sure that students are always caught up on the days and what needs to be completed by certain dates. Thank you for making me feel like I can go to you guys when I need help and struggling.

Submitted by Alexis Millard

Melissa Mahoney, Biology at NCHS

She welcomed me into the school year with open arms and a big heart she could see that i struggled in her class and that other stuff bothered me. She’s one of the most caring people i have ever met. She was and is like a school mom. So many people look up to her as do i. If it wasn’t for her being my teacher my very first semester i don’t know what i would have done. Love you Ms.Mahoney.

Earl Foster, English 9 NCHS

He’s one of the most easy going teachers. He’s always kind and helpful. Our class would get into really good discussions so we’d get way lost in our day. He has a really good sense of humor. he made bad days better especially during our “Romeo and Juliet” unit. He’s the best english teacher i have had so far.

Submitted by Kristine Seiler

Melissa Mahoney, NCHS

She has made my freshman year, the best yet! Every time I see her she makes me smile, and always makes my day better! During my first semester of school, I was struggling a little and she would always give me a hug when I needed one, and always helped me when it came to school or anything else. Every morning I would go to classroom when she was watching the halls, and write her a note on her board! My birthday was on April 16 and she took the time out of her day, while other things were going on and she had sent a video of her singing happy birthday to me! It made my day since I could see her in person! Mrs. Mahoney deserves all the thank you’s in the world along with every other teacher, I hope you consider to add her in your program! Thank you guys so much for what you do, especially during this unpredictable time.

Submitted by Taylor Mitchell

Melissa Mahoney, NCHS

I would like to recognize Ms.Melissa Mahoney from North Caroline High School. She teaches 9th grade biology. In her class she always puts everyone else’s needs before hers and she would also have a positive attitude even when she is having a bad day.

Submitted by Madalyn Meiklejohn

Nichole Horton, NCHS

Mrs. Horton never fails to make a bad day better. She lets us rant, talk, and joke while still making sure we get our work done. She also never fails to call us out on our crap, which, lets be honest, every high schooler needs. Throughout this whole quarantine thing she’s been encouraging, kind, helpful, and patient. I just want her to know how much we love her. Thank you for giving us the chance to appreciate our teachers.

Submitted by Kaitly Eaton

Melissa Mahoney, NCHS

One of the greatest teachers I have ever had the pleasure of knowing is Ms. Mahoney. She was incredibly caring and appealed to the better nature of students. Ms. Mahoney was always very attentive to her students’ mental health, and she did everything she could to create a comfortable learning environment (if you ask any of her students in behaving classes, they’ll tell you all about Kinetic Sand). When she sees you struggling in class, she’ll do all she can to help, even at her own expense. She cares about her students so much, and even though she is just one amazing woman, she is a prime example of immaculate education.

Submitted by Avalon Robuck

Nikki Morris, RES

Mrs. Morris is the best teacher because when she’s proud of us for getting best in show we get to pick fun crafts and movies.

Submitted by Grace Lauer

From mom, Sabrina Lauer, Grace has been a completely different student this year. She loves school and that’s because Mrs. Morris has showed her how fun it is to learn. Everyday Grace loves coming home to tell us what fun things happened in the classroom.

Sara Brock, RES

Mrs. Brock has been so wonderful with Caleb. Because of her Caleb loves school and has been making friends. When he started he was so shy and he has really come out of his shell. We love our weekly phone calls from Mrs. Brock during quarantine.

Submitted by Caleb Lauer

Sara Brock, RES

She is such a wonderful teacher. Always has so much patience with all the kids. This is our 1st year at Ridgely Elementary and we are so happy with how all the staff has treated and help guide Brendan Aviles. We would like to thank Mrs. Brock for helping our son love school and teaching him.

Submitted by Brendan Aviles

From mom, Heidi Aviles: One of my funnies in trying to teach Brendan at home is I was reading a story to him and I was around the 3 page and he put his hand up and shaking his head and said you sure don’t read like Mrs. Brock does. I am still not sure what I was doing

Bille Mitchell, fourth grade RES

My 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Billie Mitchell, is awesome. If we don’t understand something she will ask us questions to help us figure it out. She makes learning fun by doing things like partner pairs and gallery walks and playing learning games with us. She even lets us pick our own seats sometimes. Mrs. Mitchell is strict and wants us to follow the rules but she’s not mean about it. I like that she is fair and wants us to always do our best.At home learning is ok but I miss school. I have had fun making forts in our living room and doing my work in there. It’s challenging though not having my teacher here to help and I really miss seeing all of my classmates.

Submitted by Kamryn Bennett

Erin Russum LMS

I appreciate my math teacher Ms. Russum. She is easy to talk to if I have a question or a problem. She is always willing to help. She tries to make it fun by letting us work with partners and by playing math games. Ms. Russum acknowledges that I work hard even during difficult times. Math is probably my favorite subject but that’s not the only reason I work so hard. It’s because I know it’s what she expects from me. This new way of learning, getting used to everything, learning Zoom, and managing time has been challenging. It’s really hard not to be able to see my teachers and my friends in person. I hope it’s over soon.

Submitted by Hope Bennett

Twenty years ago, I homeschooled my 3 children and loved every minute of it and then we moved and changed our lifestyle to become farmers.

We then wanted our children to go to school so they could get away from the farm to socialize and just be a kid. Now, challenges are here and I am here again being a homeschool Mom with 9 children now. I love the iready and the classroom Zooms. I’m grateful for the school having computers for all the children I am assisting. I’m grateful that the kids are still learning. I can do the fun field trips and you all, I lift my hat to that I just supervise and assist. Be blessed and be safe until we meet again.

Parent, Jeanne Scharf, Ridgely

Learning at home is definitely something to get used to and has so many variables for everyone. I greatly appreciate Mr. Colin Joseph, my son’s Social Studies teacher at NCHS. He has made the transition easier including a detailed schedule of all the assignments required each week in a to do list format. This really helps my son stay on top of what is required and expected at all times. This will never be an ideal situation but this does make it easier.

Parent, Anna Mansfield, Ridgely

Jessica Swann, Courtney Leromain, Emily Mcmorris and Erin Jones, GES

My teachers are the best because they make me laugh!

Submitted by Colby Beebe-Cunningham

Ryan Rousan and Casandra Wilson, GES

My teachers are the best because they make me smart.

Submitted by Zachary Beebe-Cunningham

Colleen Daly, Carol Schmitz, and Taylor Dodson, GES

My teachers are the best because they love me.

Submitted by Benjamin Beebe-Cunningham

Sarah Jones and Allen Stevenosky, Fifth grade, DES

My teachers help me understand things I will need later in life and they are there when I need them.

Submitted by Noah Bures

All of my 6th grade teachers at Colonel Richardson Middle School make learning fun. I appreciate how they take the time to explain the work to make it more understandable. They find fun ways to teach each subject. Thank you to all of my teachers past and present.

Submitted by Trenton Breeding

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