COVID-19 alert

EASTON — Gov. Larry Hogan is pressing for Marylanders to get COVID-19 tests as health agencies report a rise in cases of the virus and new lockdowns are imposed in Europe.

Joe Biden — who has been projected as the winner of the 2020 presidential race by media outlets — has also promised new COVID actions on “day one” when he takes office.

Hogan has voiced concerns about the recent rise in cases and also wants more local enforcements of COVID orders related to masks, social distancing and workplaces. He also encouraged residents to get COVID tests on Sunday, Nov. 8.

“In addition to the basic habits that slow the spread — washing our hands, wearing a mask, and watching our distance —Marylanders can help us find and fight this virus by getting tested. There are more than 200 testing sites available statewide,” Hogan said in a social media statement.

The Maryland Department of Health reported 1,081 COVID-19 new cases along with another 9,897 negative test results on Sunday, Nov. 8.

The state has had 153,996 reported positive COVID cases since the pandemic began in March.

The state health agency reported 23 new hospitalizations and 11 new deaths from the virus on Sunday. There are currently 655 COVID hospitalizations. There have been 4,063 reported COVID deaths in Maryland and nine in Talbot County.

The Talbot County Health Department reported one new COVID-19 case on Sunday, Nov. 8.

There are 27 active coronavirus cases in the county and the local positivity rate is 1.82%.

The statewide positivity rates for COVID tests is currently 4.62%. Maryland health officials are also encouraging COVID vaccinations once they become available. Opinion polls show some public resistance to a vaccine.

There has been a rise in reported coronavirus cases nationwide since Election Day sparking warning calls for the holiday season and potentially new orders and lockdowns.

In Maryland, Hogan has not called for any new COVID orders or restrictions but they could be imposed in other U.S. states and regions.

There were 128,000 COVID cases reported in the U.S. on Saturday, Nov. 7, according to the COVID Tracking Project. That is a single-day record for daily new cases for the fourth day in a row.

There have been new lockdowns and restrictions imposed in Europe including travel and business shutdowns. There are also bans on protests in the United Kingdom, regional lockdowns in Denmark and Italy and restrictions on meetings in the Netherlands.

France is requiring COVID-tests for those arriving on flights and has also closed businesses.

Those restrictions have sparked protests in the United Kingdom and Europe.

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