Jeremy Goldman

Jeremy Goldman

DENTON — In response to a recent article highlighting the volunteer efforts of The Mask Wranglers who have supplied area detention centers with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), County Administrator Jeremy Goldman said, “While not every kind of PPE has always been readily available during the pandemic, we have regularly supplied the Detention Center with PPE that was consistent with CDC guidelines and Maryland Department of Health policies.”

Goldman noted, since mid- March, the Caroline County Detention Center has received 1,000 surgical masks, 320 N95 masks, and 292 dusk masks, as well as stocks of face shields, protective eye wear, gloves, and lab coats. In addition, cleaning supplies, wipes, sanitizers, and hydrostatic sprayers have been provided. “This supply of PPE has been sufficient to serve the Detention Center, which has 37 employees and has 147 individuals process through the facility since the State of Emergency was declared on March 5. The inmate population as of June 1 was 27 individuals,” stated a letter signed by Goldman and sent to this paper by Lucie Hughes, the new county Director of Communications, COVID-19 Response and Recovery.

Goldman concluded, “Perhaps the best evidence that sufficient PPE has been provided and that the procedures implemented by the Detention Center to prevent COVID-19 infections have been successful is that there have been no cases of COVID-19 at the Detention Center. That is a zero infection rate among staff or inmates.”

The county, in addition to supplying PPE and following a robust a disinfection plan, has implemented policies for screening and isolation of inmates for 14 days prior to housing with the general population. “As a result, far from being the ‘death row’ the article last week implied, our outstanding correctional professionals have ensured that the Detention Center remains a safe facility even during this very challenging time,” wrote Goldman.

Caroline County will continue to be transparent as possible during COVID-19, he said, and encouraged residents to visit, and the Caroline County Department of Emergency Services Facebook page and Twitter provide current information.

For more from Goldman see inside editorial page 7.

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