Corsica Hills Center

In December, Corsica Hills Center is awarded a 5-star ratings for both Overall Quality and Quality Measures, as determined by Centers of Medicare and Medicaid. Five stars is the highest and most respected rating a nursing home can achieve. The combined rating is based on health inspections, staffing and quality measures

CENTREVILLE — Corsica Hills Center held their first vaccine clinic Dec. 23. They were one of the first skilled nursing facilities in the state of Maryland to hold a clinic. CVS vaccinated 52 residents and 43 employees and will return Jan. 13 for a second clinic.

Dr. Richard Feifer, Chief Medical Officer for Genesis Healthcare, Corsica Hills, said, “Vaccination is the critical third leg of the stool, along with personal protective equipment and testing, in stemming COVID-19 spread in nursing homes and protecting residents and healthcare workers. This is unquestionably the biggest vaccination effort ever undertaken and will help prevent further tragedies, especially in this vulnerable population.”

“We are happy to report that Corsica Hills Center completed their first vaccination clinic last week with CVS, our chosen partner through the Pharmacy Partnership for Long Term Care program,” Feifer said. “Thus far, more than 60% of the residents and 40% of the staff at the Center received the Pfizer vaccine. We expect those acceptance rates to go up with clinic number two.”

CVS will return three weeks post Dec. 23 to administer the second booster shots for those who received the vaccine in round one and will also vaccinate anyone not included in round one. They will then return for a third time, three weeks after round two, to administer the final booster shots.

Feifer said, “Through communications, engagement and trust-building, we have a goal of 100% staff vaccination without attempting to impose a requirement. We also are communicating with residents and their families to stress the importance of receiving the vaccine and how it will work.”

It is Feifer’s belief that with a robust communication and education initiative underway, they will be successful in encouraging vaccination among staff, residents and families.

“We are confident that the vaccine development and clinical trial process has been rigorous, and that the FDA will approve only the candidates that merit it,” said Feifer.

He noted, “All drugs or vaccines have some potential side effects, and it is important to monitor for such issues even after a drug or vaccine is approved. As the largest nursing home operator, we’re prepared to assist. Genesis is participating in a newly developed safety monitoring program with Brown University School of Public Health researchers, to monitor for any potential adverse health impacts after nursing home residents in our affiliated centers receive COVID-19 vaccinations. This work is part of a CDC effort to carefully monitor vaccine safety, particularly focused on frail elderly residents who were not included in vaccine trials.”

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