Caroline Farm Bureau teams up to make “lemonade”

From left: Debbie Scott, Danny Harris (Blough’s Seafood), Glen Plutschak and Zach Evans.

DENTON — There is an old saying: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Caroline County Farm Bureau recently proved the truth of that expression.

The lemon: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Caroline County Farm Bureau recently canceled its annual summer membership picnic, which was scheduled for July 2.

“We just hated to cancel our picnic,” said Glen Plutschak, president. “Last year, we had such a wonderful event with antique tractor rides, homemade ice cream, covered dishes brought by members and meat furnished by the Farm Bureau. We honored our scholarship winners and Miss Farm Bureau. But given the governor’s guidelines and the fact that over 160 members attended last year, we felt we just had to cancel to protect the health of all our members.”

The squeeze: As the board of directors discussed the cancellation, a member said maybe the bureau could donate monies earmarked for the picnic to needy families in Caroline County. The bureau decided to buy chicken and donate it to the Maryland Food Bank.

Then the “multiplier effect” began to work its magic. First, Mountaire Farms indicated it would donate additional boneless chicken thighs to supplement any purchase by the farm bureau. Eventually, Zach Evans, community relations manager for Mountaire, donated double what the bureau purchased. Then Debbie Scott and Stacy Seward of Caroline Parks and Recreation (currently assigned to the Coronavirus Emergency Operations Center) found a refrigerated truck to transport the chicken. Blough’s Seafood of Denton agreed to help by providing their vehicle and driver.

The lemonade: On May 20, all parties met at Mountaire Foods in Millsboro, and Evans loaded 1,400 pounds of nutritious chicken on Blough’s truck to be delivered to needy families all over Caroline County through the Maryland Food Bank and local food pantries. Given the impact of the coronavirus on the economy, income and health of Caroline residents, it couldn’t have come at a better time, Plutschak said. “The farm bureau thanks everyone for their help and hopes next year’s picnic will come off without a hitch.”

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