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WORTON — Rain, snow and freezing temperatures made fields at Kent County High School unplayable for fall sports practices earlier this week. Above, senior quarterback Thomas Goldsborough sets the offense during football practice Tuesday, Feb. 16 in a school parking lot.

Students walk past this portrait of Henry Highland Garnet every day when they enter the elementary school in Chestertown named after him. The portrait appears to be a color reproduction of an image of the famed abolitionist and Kent County native used in the late 1800s in The Afro-American Press.

Tika Sisco is one of the people interviewed for “People Worth Knowing,” a poster series curated by Lani Seikaly. In a quote featured beneath her photo for her poster, Sisco talks bout learning to cope with “the hand that you’re dealt.” She said, “You have to play the hand that you are dealt, that’s all you can do.”