Tiffany Cephas has stepped down as girls’ head basketball coach at North Dorchester High.

In three seasons as Eagles head coach, Cephas posted a 23-42 record, including three playoff wins and an appearance in the 2020 MPSSAA Class 1A East Region II final.

Cephas, whose daughter Breisha transferred to a private school in Buffalo, N.Y. after three years of starring for the Eagles, was going to step down regardless of her daughter’s decision.

Tiffany’s plan was always to step down after Breisha’s junior year so she could be in the stands for senior year. She enjoyed coaching, but wanted to give her daughter full attention for her final season of high school basketball instead of splitting attention amongst the entire team.

“She felt like, and not that it was a bad thing because she loved the team, but she didn’t have my undivided support. I’m cheering for everybody, I’m the coach, so I was for everyone,” Tiffany said. “But everyone had their parents in the stands, and she didn’t have anyone. Her grandfather would come, but it’s not the same as having your parent be there for you and cheer you on. So I told her (that) her senior year, I wouldn’t coach so I could sit in the stands and act a fool, and she would have my undivided attention.”

Before last season’s playoffs began, Tiffany informed North Dorchester athletic director Dave Morrissette her intention of stepping down after the season ended. She didn’t have any second thoughts afterward because she promised Breisha she’d step down and wasn’t going to break that.

Tiffany cherished coaching Breisha. After growing up with a mother who wasn’t a basketball player, Tiffany appreciated the head start she was able to give Breisha with a background in basketball.

Breisha enjoyed playing for her mom as well.

“Honestly, it was a great experience,” Breisha said. “Not a lot of people get to say that their parent is their coach, literally.”

Breisha excelled as a player, topping 2,000 career points in three seasons. She was a two-time All-North Bayside first-team selection.

Tiffany will still help with North Dorchester on a volunteer basis, particularly until the Eagles hire a new head coach. That search has begun for Morrissette, who doesn’t have a timeline on making a hire.

He said he’s looking for someone who can work well with the team’s young players, many of whom hadn’t played basketball before high school.

“I think, really, what I’m looking for is someone who’s going to develop the necessary skills and stuff,” Morrissette said. “A lot of these girls come in with it being their first year as a freshman coming in, not playing ever before, because we don’t have any feeder programs around here that are really developing players right now. So I’m looking for someone who’s going to teach the necessary skills to get them into a varsity program.”

The next head coach will inherit a team that recorded a 6-14 regular season record, along with two playoff wins, last year. The team loses it star player in Breisha, but Tiffany said the team is full of coachable players.

“They have a wonderful group of girls,” Tiffany said. “They are young, they are willing to learn, and they’re hustlers. Whatever coach they get, they’re going to give it their all. And I love it. They’re willing to get out there and work, and I love that. And they’re willing to learn. That’s the best group of kids to have.”

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