Dorchester County Public Schools

Dorchester County Public Schools

CHURCH CREEK — Dorchester County Public Schools Board of Education, during its Sept. 19, meeting, said it would seek public input before officially naming three Cambridge-South Dorchester High School facilities.

The three facilities — the stadium, stadium field and field house — are proposed to be named after retired Dorchester County educators and employees.

The facilities dedications will come at no cost to DCPS, board members said.

The board suggested the stadium be named after Gorton McWilliams, a C-SD football coach and 1953 Cambridge High School graduate; the stadium field named after Douglas Fleetwood, a longtime C-SD football coach; and the field house after Lindsey Agee, a career DCPS educator and coach.

If approved, the above facilities respectively will be named “A. Douglas Fleetwood Field,” “Gorton H. McWilliams Jr. Stadium” and “The Lindsey Agee Memorial Field House.”

All three of the DCPS educators are members of the Maryland State Football Hall of Fame.

DCPS Interim Superintendent Dave Bromwell said the board adopted a facilities and grounds naming policy in March as a way to formally recognize the contributions of deserving school district employees.

The policy, under section 721 in the DCPS manual, says recipients must be retired employees who have made an “outstanding contribution to education, humanity or community; or have displayed outstanding leadership.”

The policy also states the recipient must be retired from the school district or public office for at least five years before being nominated or considered.

Bromwell said the three proposed recipients are “just scratching the surface” of educators who are worthy of recognition for their devotion to the Dorchester County school system.

He said it was important to him to cement guidelines for facilities naming because he wanted to begin the practice of acknowledging educators’ contributions sooner.

“We have a tendency in our society to remember someone after they become deceased, and that’s just wrong,” Bromwell said. “We should go out there and honor people who deserve it when they’re still alive so we can have young people hear the stories about those people when that dedication takes place.”

The board will vote on the three proposed dedications during next month’s meeting, scheduled for 6 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 17, at Maple Elementary School.

To give input on the naming of these facilities, contact Chris Dayton at or call 410-228-4747, ext. 1002.

For more information about this round of DCPS facilities naming, visit

The full policy document, approved last March, can be viewed at posed-new-policies.

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