It is really a sad time when the County Council can pull their ambulance out of a volunteer station without one word to the chief, president or anyone in that station.

No communication about why this was done. No, “Let’s sit down and talk as to why we want to move out.” No county council member agrees that they knew about the move — then, who said move!?! A lot of people think this is a personal vendetta. Not really sure, but if so, why take it out on all the citizens in the northern part of the county?

Our chief has asked all five county council members to meet with five members for our company to discuss possible solutions to the problem. Eldorado-Brookview was going to offer one section of their fire house for EMS only. This area would be fixed to meet their needs. No meeting. One council person told an Eldorado resident it would never go back to the fire house — why? This council person is only hearing one side of the story. They don’t want to hear about holes put in the drywall and the oven being left on.

The council is hurting the people in the northern area. They are also hurting people in the Hurlock area. To put an ambulance one mile off the road on Route 50 does us no good. Also, because they do not have a place to house the ambulance, the EMS have to bring a ready bag, an orange bag, the orange box and the narcs in the building. The narcotics have to be secured in a safe. All this equipment has to be put on the ambulance before they respond to call, which is a delay.

I see this county council cares nothing about the people they represent. Call your county council — maybe they will answer you. We need the ambulance within three miles of Eldorado to serve Galestown, Reliance and all other citizens in their area. It doesn’t pay to take your time to go to a county council meeting — they do nothing!

The county ambulance has been at the Eldorado-Brookview station for 15 years, and now the council just pulls out. I hope whoever reads this in the northern area doesn’t need an ambulance. Don’t wait till it’s too late. Help us get the ambulance back in our area. It is much needed.


Retired paramedic, member of EBVFC

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