Hurlock Mayor Mike Henry Sworn In

Hurlock Mayor Mike Henry takes the oath of office in December 2017, accompanied by his wife Margaret Phillips Henry.

A Letter from Hurlock Mayor Michael Henry:

For those of you not aware, at the last meeting of the council I announced I would not be seeking a second term as Mayor. In looking back we accomplished pretty much what I set out to do.

1. I wanted to open up the government so that you would know what your council and town were doing for you. We immediately started up a Facebook page for both the town and the police department to keep you better informed of events, emergencies, repairs and where your money was making improvements to the town. We have also kept the town website up to date and began broadcasting our meetings over so that you can listen in from wherever you may want to watch.

We have been in contact with our local, county and shore elected officials on a regular basis to keep the lines of communication open.

2. I wanted to improve the appearance of the town, as there were many repairs that needed to take place We repaired the pavilion, cleaned and repaired the Community Center, and are currently repairing the library exterior. We have removed the rotted eaves from the train station, repaired the roof and rain water drainage system and gave it a facelift as well. With a few more minor repairs we will open the train station as a museum, where items from the past will be displayed from not only Hurlock, but the entire North Dorchester area. We purchased properties to make additional parking in the downtown area, replaced water and sewer lines and paved roads. Fire hydrants have been repaired to working condition and the train cars were refurbished to improve our Fall Festival experience.

Along the way we received grant money to improve Triangle Park with a pavilion and new playground equipment. We were able to improve the facades of many of the downtown businesses with awnings, improving the sight lines. There are plans set in place for the construction of a new 9,000-square-foot library to be built on S. Main Street.

A plan has been set into place to clean up the Nealson Street property next to the police department, where working with the fire department, a new engine house and banquet facility will be constructed. Once completed the town will refurbish the current engine house and turn it into an indoor recreation center. We have applied for grants to expand the North Main Street Park to expand and improve upon our playing fields for baseball, basketball, and other sports and walking paths.

A plus in all of this is that with the repairs being made to town property, there were many in the community that improved their own properties as well, which also added to the charm and beauty of our community.

None of this could have been accomplished without the hard work and dedication of our town employees and town council members. I thank my lucky stars each day for having them. I also thank you for your support these past four years. I thank the numerous volunteers who gave of their time to assist with our Fall Festival, Christmas parade and many other times when we needed your assistance.

Last but not least, I also need to thank my family for their love and support and for their understanding for missed family time.

The election is in November, and my term doesn’t end until December when the new council is sworn in. I will continue to work hard for the town until the end.

And again I thank you. It has been a pleasure to serve as your Mayor. I truly believe “We Put Hurlock Back On Track.”

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