Dr. Diana Mitchell

Dr. Diana Mitchell

Dear Dorchester County Public Schools Board Members,

It is with mixed emotions that I announce my retirement as Superintendent of Dorchester County Public Schools effective June 30, 2019. Leaving Dorchester County is bittersweet, yet I find it is necessary for me to take time for family matters. This decision did not come easy to me. However, I believe Dorchester County Public Schools are in a great place. Many thanks to the hard work of our central office administrators, principals and especially our teachers and so I say “thank you” to them. I am extremely proud of the work we have accomplished on behalf of children and families of Dorchester County Public Schools which includes the following:

• Ninety-one percent of Dorchester County Public Schools received a three, four, or five-star rating under the new Maryland Report Card Accountability System;

• Collaborated with the Board of Education to implement a new Upper Management System for greater leadership capacity during the reconstructing of Central Office personnel;

• Partnered with academic and support staff, members of the community, and families, to lead a major restructuring of the District’s vision by creating a new Champion Strategic Plan 2018- 2023;

• Implemented the widely praised communications tool, Let’s Talk, to better engage staff and community members;

• Increased the number of underrepresented students in Advanced Placement programs;

• Partnered with the State’s Department of Labor to execute the first Apprenticeship Program for students who are ready to enter the workforce upon graduation; and

• Assured that teachers, principals, assistant principals, aspiring leaders, and support staff members received professional development for personal growth.

I could not be more thankful for the opportunity to have served the amazing youth of Dorchester County and to have been able to work with the Board of Education to accomplish so much for the students. We have dramatically changed practices in clear and definitive ways to support all stakeholders in Dorchester County Public Schools. I am confident that the staff will continue to collaborate to build upon the pass successes and move students and families forward academically, socially and emotionally.


Superintendent of Schools,

Dorchester County Public Schools

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