Political cartoons are usually humorous regardless whether or not they favor your particular view. Cartoonists, comedians and talk show hosts have long made a living imitating and poking fun at politicians, all done to people laugh.

The “Orange Skies in Blue States” cartoon in your Sept. 25 edition was without humor of any kind. It was, however, a crude and cruel attempt to link our president to the horrific fires in our western states. Enormous tracts of land in at least three states have been swept by intense, fast-moving fires, incinerating everything in their path, human and wild, homes, personal property and forests.Nothing spared!

To directly associate President (Donald) Trump with this natural disaster as if he finds it acceptable based on a color found in his hair (natural or not).

Comedians work their way up, starting in obscure night clubs. The cartoonist you bought the above “Orange Skies” from probably started out young, torturing cats. A disgraceful cartoon indeed.



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