The Waddell Foundation grants $2,750 to Eastern Shore Wellness Solutions

Waddell Foundation board member, Philip Feldman, grants $2,750 to Eastern Shore Wellness Solutions President & CEO Ashyrra Dotson, alongside Executive Director Joyce Opher, Thursday, June 27, in Cambridge.

CAMBRIDGE — Eastern Shore Wellness Solutions, a nonprofit community-based wellness education organization in Cambridge, received a $2,750 grant, Thursday, June 27, from The Waddell Foundation.

The Waddell Foundation has been providing grants to religious, charitable and educational groups in Dorchester County since 1978.

The Foundation deemed Eastern Shore Wellness Solutions worthy of its funding because “the work they do is right up our ally,” according to Philip Feldman, one of the Foundation’s board members.

“We look to help organizations that help people in Dorchester County,” Feldman said. “[ESWS] needed help and we’re here for that.”

ESWS’s services, which are now extended to people in Dorchester and Caroline Counties, provide free health education, training, and skill building to low-income and underserved community members.

The organization is responsible for facilitating mobile food pantries, chronic disease and health education, blood pressure screenings, and community engagement activities.

ESWS also provides people access to programs that touch on epilepsy, youth anti-tobacco education, pregnancy and tobacco cessation initiatives, as well as HIV awareness.

ESWS President and CEO Ashyrra Dotson, said this grant allows her organization to continue doing what it does for the community at no cost.

“It means that our doors stay open and we get to continue working in the community,” she said. “Any grants and donations that we get support that work.”

Dotson said the ESWS will continue to serve the those in need, acting as a source of positive change for Dorchester County, and the state of Maryland.

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