CAMBRIDGE — The Day of Resilience 2020 celebrated the unveiling of a bronze sculpture of Harriet Tubman in front of the Dorchester County Courthouse with speakers, musicians and dancers on Saturday afternoon, Sept. 12, in Cambridge.

The Day of Resilience was organized by Adrian Holmes and Alpha Genesis Community Development Corporation, with support from the Constituency for Africa, Dorchester County and the City of Cambridge. The statue is a replica of an original sculpture by Emmy and Academy award-winner Wesley Wofford, and it depicts Tubman confidently leading a slave girl on the Underground Railroad to freedom. It will be a temporary outdoor exhibit at the courthouse on High Street and will remain on exhibit until Oct. 9.

Holmes spoke in introduction, and Nana Malaya gave the welcome and led the audience in a dance and in giving a chorus of traditional greetings.

Tashina Fowler, who brought the idea of hosting the sculpture to Holmes, described her reaction when she saw the original on Facebook: "I was just in awe."

Fowler said she thought, “She has to be here; she needs to be home; this is where she belongs,"

Poet Taj Alexander performed a spoken word piece describing a conversation between two people about escaping to freedom, with one of the speakers encouraging the other, who was afraid to try.

"I’ve seen the opportunities of freedom and they’re enormous," Alexander said. “Don’t you want to be free? Well, follow me," his poem concluded.

Dorchester County Circuit Court Judge Brett Wilson said he was glad Dorchester was celebrating Harriet's statue instead of fighting to keep a statue honoring those who fought to enslave her, a reference to the Talbot Boys controversy in Talbot County.

Wilson said, "Her (Tubman's) final words were, 'I go to prepare a place for you.' Well, we’ve prepared a place for her."

Tubman legacy to be lauded at Day of Resilience 2020

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