Old Trinity Church

CAMBRIDGE — The Rev. Dan Dunlap will discuss the history of Old Trinity Church, located along the south bank of Church Creek, at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 7, at the Robbins Heritage Center in Cambridge.

The South Dorchester Folk Museum, in cooperation with the Dorchester County Historical Society, presents this free program in its lecture series about local history.

Built sometime prior to 1690, the Old Trinity Church, bestows a name upon both the adjacent creek and a nearby community, nothing else about this unassuming colonial brick structure, except perhaps the semi-circular recess, or apse, on its east end, gives it away as a house of worship.

Yet for over 300 years, Old Trinity Church has been the home of generations of faithful Episcopalians, members of the only denomination ever to enjoy legal status in colonial Maryland.

Dunlap,will share what he has learned through his research about this unique Dorchester County legacy and about the character of the people who were among the first to bring their Christian faith to the New World.

Dunlap and his family moved to Dorchester County, in 2014, and he currently serves two parishes in the Episcopal Diocese of Easton; Old Trinity Church in Church Creek, and St. John’s Chapel in Cornersville.

He has also served parishes in Philadelphia, Pa.; Exeter, England; and Tomball, Tx.

He received his doctorate in historical theology from Wycliffe Hall, Oxford in 2001 and has taught at various seminaries and colleges. Before coming to Dorchester County he served as professor of historical theology and worship at Houston Graduate School of Theology for ten years and as their dean of the faculty for five years.

Lately he has enjoyed teaching for the Institute of Adult Learning at Chesapeake College, Cambridge Center in the areas of Science and Religion and Christian History.

For more information about the South Dorchester Folk Museum, visit www.sdfmuseum.net or call 410-228-6175. The public is warmly invited to attend and reservations are not required.

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