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CAMBRIDGE — The City of Cambridge began hosting students from Salisbury University who will conduct updates to the municipality’s housing quality study.

Data collection on the update to the 2016 Housing Quality Study originally conducted in the city’s Ward 3 officially started Thursday, July 1.

The date collected as a result of the 2016 study, as well as follow-up work completed in 2017 and 2018 that performed similar research in the Cambridge’s other wards, has helped guide the city in revitalization efforts in historically marginalized areas, according to Cambridge Mayor Andrew Bradshaw.

Bradshaw said the study has been key in partnering with the state’s Department of Housing and Community Development in requesting funds through DHCD programs and in planning the use of those funds for community revitalization and reinvestment.

“Though housing studies have been conducted in 16 other Eastern Shore municipalities by Salisbury University students, Cambridge has been the leader in taking the information provided and utilizing it as a tool to support funding requests and to guide community reinvestment efforts.

The Housing Quality Study is being administered by the Eastern Shore Regional GIS Cooperative, an outreach entity of Salisbury Unity, and is being conducted by students from Salisbury University’s Department of Geography and Geosciences. Funding for the study is via the Mid-Shore Regional Council’s Rural Maryland Council. Bradshaw serves as the city’s current MSRC representative.

For more information about the study, Bradshaw can be reached by email at, City Manager Patrick Comiskey may be reached at, and Cambridge’s Director of Planning Pat Escher may be reached at Dean of the Henson School of Science and Technology at Salisbury University and Director of the ESRGC Dr. Michael S. Scott may be reached at

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