Nathan of Dorchester

The skipjack Nathan of Dorchester sits at the Long Wharf Park dock in Cambridge Thursday, July 4, 2019, when it celebrated its 25th anniversary after its first sail on the Choptank River. The Nathan will return this Saturday.

CAMBRIDGE — The skipjack Nathan of Dorchester has been away from Long Wharf in Cambridge since September of 2020 undergoing extensive repairs at the Generation III boat yard. Nathan will be returning to Long Wharf just in time for the Memorial Day weekend.

Saturday morning May 29, just before the Pride of Baltimore arrives in Cambridge, volunteers will install over 1,800 square feet of new sails on the Nathan. During up-rigging activities, new volunteers will start “learning the ropes” and gain first-hand experience on how a skipjack really works.

While the Pride of Baltimore is in town for the weekend, volunteers from the Nathan of Dorchester will hold dockside tours and answer questions about skipjacks, oystering and bay ecology. Nathan will be returning to Generation III late May 31 to complete final repairs.

June will be a busy month for Nathan, her captains, crew, and volunteers. Once repairs have been completed, there will be several shake-down cruises. Sails, safety equipment and rigging will be inspected and adjusted, and every crew member will receive refresher training on how to handle all types of sailing and emergency situations as the boat, captains, and crew are prepared for our annual Coast Guard commercial passenger vessel inspection.

Once the Coast Guard inspection is finished, the Nathan of Dorchester will be ready to take passengers out on the Choptank River and we can finally start our 27th season serving as the floating ambassador to Cambridge and Dorchester County. We will be able to restart conducting our mission to keep alive the rich maritime heritage of the skipjack and continue preserving the skipjack Nathan of Dorchester so future generations can experience the fast-disappearing life of the watermen of the Chesapeake Bay.

To learn more about the skipjack Nathan of Dorchester and volunteer opportunities, come sail with us or donate to Nathan’s upkeep, please visit our website

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