EASTON — “When life gives you lemons, get a mammogram,” reads one of the 58 cleverly decorated bras that hang along the walls of Obstetrician-Gynecologist Dr. Sharon Liu’s Mid-Shore Women’s Health office in Easton.

Liu said the bras, decorated by patients, family members and local businesses as part of a friendly art competition, aim to acknowledge cancer patients and raise breast cancer awareness during the month of October.

Each bra was uniquely decorated, with one designed after a Disney movie, one after a treasure chest, one Hawaiian themed, some diamond-studded and others with funny quotes and or sayings written on them.

The bra Liu and eight other Anne Arundel Medical Group physicians deemed the “Breast Cancer Awareness Bra of the Year” features a fairy theme complete with blue wings that reads, “Cancer Fly Away.”

The contest winner took home a basket full of goodies from local businesses.

Liu said the idea to decorate her office in bra art developed among her and the group of physicians during the past six months. Initially, it only was going to be a creative way to acknowledge breast cancer awareness month.

But the more they talked about it, she said they realized patients wanted to participate, and it became an art competition for a good cause.

Liu called the bra decor “overwhelming” when one walks into the office.

“Some are whimsical. Some are funny. Some are very elegant,” she said. “But also to know the stories behind every bra is what I find really meaningful.

“Many patients and families who have been touched by breast cancer — this is their way to express themselves and feel like they have a voice on this journey,” Liu said. “It’s a great way for them to voice their feelings about what they’ve been through, and I think it’s very empowering.”

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