EASTON — The Mid-Shore Board of Relators celebrated 2019 award winners and installed its new board of directors Tuesday morning, Sept. 24, during a ceremony at the Tidewater Inn.

Martha Witte Suss of Long & Foster won both the William J. Nearly Jr. Community Service award and the Realtor of the Year honor for the MSBR.

Gary Marquardt of Long & Foster was named the Rookie Realtor of the Year.

Cliff Quinn of Fidelity First Home Mortgage received the Affiliate of the Year award.

Outgoing MSBR President Dormaim Green passed the gavel to Benson and Mangold’s Judy Germain-Dinges as the new MSBR president for 2019-2020.

MSBR Past President Coard Benson, of Benson and Mangold called, Germain-Dinges a consummate professional.

“No matter how busy, you always respond to our needs,” Benson said. “She has a heart heart. I have the privilege of seeing her almost every day.”

Germain-Dinges thanked everyone for the opportunity to serve as MSBR president.

“I would especially like to thank Mr. Charles Benson, Mr. Charles Mangold and Mr. Schuyler Benson,” she said. “I had no idea what an incredible family I was joining when I joined the Benson and Mangold team.

“This is truly a celebration of who we are with a capital R. I’m humbled that you have given me the opportunity to serve as your 2020 Mid-Shore Board of Relators president.”

Germain-Dinges said she wants to continue to strengthen the MSBR’s membership, community participation and support the board gives each individual practitioner.

“I encourage each of you ti volunteer in some capacity and share your experience,” she said. “Get involved and contribute to change. Intern, the experience will change you, and enrich your life and your career.”

Germain-Dinges said having a healthy Chesapeake Bay and tributaries is essential to a great quality of life on the Eastern Shore and Maryland.

“We are living in an area that is graced in the beauty of natural resources and amazing waterways, including the Chesapeake Bay,” she said. “Left unchecked could lead to devastating effects on the watermen that we love, and the Chesapeake that we call home.

“It is incumbent on us to be good stewards of the environment and the natural resources we have been graced with. My second initiative is to create and champion a board initiative to partner with other local water advocates.”

Germain-Dinges announced Janet Lawson, who will be the chairman for the new MSBR Clean Water Committee.

Cambridge Mayor Victoria Jackson-Stanley honored Green, her longtime friend, for her services and leadership role in the community.

“I’m super proud of her for all of the accomplishments she has made,” Jackson-Stanley said. “She is a mother, a daughter, a wife, a BFF, a businesswoman, a community person and an advocate for physical health.

“It is just a matter of pride for me to say congratulations to the first African American female in this role. You get it done right every time. I’m super proud of you.”

Jackson-Stanley then presented Green two citations from the city of Cambridge for her services as MSBR president.

“Our board is in a great position,” Green said. “I want to thank the efforts and enthusiasm of our board members and our very strong staff with (Executive Director) Debbie Leber and Susan Young. I would not be standing here without my dear husband, Elbert. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity that God and Mid-Shore Board of Realtors has given me.

Two items on Green’s tenure agenda were agent safety with lock boxes and raising money for children who do not have food to eat once they leave school.

Mid-Shore Board of Realtors selected CarePacks in Talbot County, Food for Learning in Caroline County and Meals Til Monday in Dorchester County as the recipients of the $9,000 CARE award.

Meals til Monday focuses on providing fare for food insecure children through the weekend. CarePacks aids food insecure children, while Food for Learning, a Caroline County program, does the same throughout the county.

“I’m really passionate about this because I can’t believe there are kids that go home and don’t have any food,” Green said.

MSBR also installed its new group of directors, and they are Germain-Dinges; Bill Griffin, Broker with Results Realty; Georgie Gambrill, Oyster Mortgage Company; Meg Moran, Long & Foster; Leslie Stevenson Long & Foster; Gwen Eskridge, Coldwell Banker; Lori McDonald, Eastern Shore Title Company; Laura Anderson, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage; Shelby Roney, Exit Latham Realty; Dennis Covey, Exit Latham Realty; Rodney Bliss, Long & Foster; and Mike Dillon, Benson and Mangold.

Easton Mayor Robert Willey attended the event, along with state Sen. Addie Eckardt, R-37-Mid-Shore, and Del. Johnny Mautz, R-37B-Talbot. Eckardt and Mautz presented state proclamations to members of the MSBR.

The Mid-Shore Board of Realtors has more than 500 Realtors and Affiliates from Caroline, Dorchester and Talbot counties. The mission of the Mid-Shore Board of Realtors is to advocate for its members and the public to preserve the right to own, transfer and use real property. MSBR provides its members with resources to conduct business professionally in accordance with the Realtors Code of Ethics.

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