Dorchester County Council honors teacher of the year

Members of the Dorchester County Council and the Dorchester County Board of Education stand with Dorchester County Teacher of the Year, Charlene Zinnel, center, after awarding her a county commendation Tuesday, April 16.

CAMBRIDGE — A motion to archive meetings for the Dorchester County Council was defeated during the council’s Tuesday, April 16, meeting.

Dissenting votes came from Councilwoman Libby Nagel, Council President William Nichols and Councilman Jay Newcomb.

The motion was introduced by Dorchester County Councilman George Pfeffer, who said the initiative was an effort to allow more people access to participating in local government.

The archival system would have been run through CivicPlus, a municipal web design for local government for a $7,000 initial start up, with a $6,000 fee the following year.

“I have a lot of my constituents that have said to me, ‘I can’t make it to your meeting time, I’d like to see how it actually operates,’” Pfeffer said.

Nichols said he had made his opinion clear on archiving meetings when the idea was brought up originally.

“I still think, we want them to come, not stay away from the meetings,” Nichols said. “I oppose it on those grounds. We want them to come.”

UpperShore Workforce Investment Board Executive Director Dan McDermott said he was presenting the second of three steps needed by five counties of the Upper Shore. The organization provides training and career services for employees to find work supportive to the local five county economy.

McDermott said the council has already concurred with the organization’s regional plan, which works with other counties in the Upper Shore.

“This plan talks about how 17 partners are going to work together for the common goal of putting people in jobs, getting a job, keeping a job, earning a paycheck and gaining credentials and skills so they can stay in the workforce,” McDermott said.

The council voted to sign the agreement unanimously.

A slew of managers comments led to the approval, defeat and postponements of multiple initiatives, including the approval of travel for the Cambridge-Dorcherster Regional Airport director.

The council also approved the waiving of bids for the finance department’s search of a new financial software. The approval will for Edmunds Software in the amount of $136,695.

The cast members of North Dorchester High School’s senior class play, “Shrek” were also honored during the meeting, each student involved with the place receiving a council commendation. Dorchester County Teacher of the Year Charlene Zinnel also received a commendation from the council.

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