CAMBRIDGE — A mother duck decided to make her nest in the flower bed of a home on Stiles Circle.

Annie Mae Murray first noticed the Mallard duck with a nest of eggs in her flower garden under the front window of her house in early May. It had just five eggs in it.

“Since we do not go out the front door very often, the duck could have been there for some time before we noticed her,” Murray said. “And she blends in with the natural much and surroundings in the flower bed.”

In a couple weeks, the number of eggs grew to 11.

Once she discovered the nest, Murray started watching for the duck and said she has a routine. The mother duck comes in the evening round 5 p.m. and then sits on her nest until about 2 or 2:30 in the afternoon the next day. Then, she leaves and comes back at the same time that evening.

“I have also seen her with an escort, at times,” Murray said. “A male duck will come with her as she comes to sit on her nest. When she gets close to the nest, she aggressively makes him leave. But the male duck walks down the sidewalk looking back as if to see that she is safe.”

Most of the time, the mother duck covers the eggs when she leaves, but sometimes she leaves them uncovered. “She might not be far away, to leave them like that,” Murray said.

“It is amazing how she picked that place for her nest. I have come to conclusion that God created them with and instinct to know when and where,” Murray said. “To God Be the Glory.”

Before press time, the Dorchester Star got a call. The eggs have started to hatch. Watch for an update on the baby ducklings.

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