Habitat on the Hill

Habitat Choptank recently reached out to members of Congress to urge them to invest in housing affordability.

TRAPPE — Habitat for Humanity International hosted hundreds of local Habitat organizations and home affordability advocates for their annual legislative conference, held virtually for the first time: Habitat on the Hill 2021: For home, from home.

The three-day event, normally held in Washington, D.C., gave advocates an opportunity to convene with congressional leaders, address and discuss actionable solutions to the underlying policies and systems that hinder access to housing affordability, and rally with one another.

Through the Cost of Home campaign, Habitat for Humanity’s first U.S. advocacy campaign, Habitat Choptank has joined local Habitat organizations across the U.S. to help tackle the exacerbated housing stability and affordability challenges in our communities.

Over 18 million U.S. households were paying half or more of their income on housing before the COVID-19 pandemic. Home affordability challenges have only been further exacerbated by COVID-19. Habitat on the Hill focused heavily on historic and systemic racism in housing policy, and how the pandemic’s economic disparities have created a critical need for immediate and long-term housing relief.

Habitat Choptank will reach out to members of Congress to urge them to invest in housing affordability as part of any future economic recovery and infrastructure measure by prioritizing foreclosure prevention, neighborhood revitalization and housing production for low-income homeowners. These investments are critical for preventing major losses in homeownership and in wealth for communities of color, as well as expanding access to new affordable homes for all.

You can join Habitat Choptank and hundreds of housing advocates in calling on Congress to invest in housing affordability and neighborhood revitalization. The COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated existing needs, so the time to act is now.

For more information about what Habitat for Humanity Choptank is doing in our local community, to make a donation, for information on the Habitat Choptank ReStore, or to volunteer, call 410-476-3204 or visit www.HabitatChoptank.org.

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