CAMBRIDGE — There’s a new pastry shop in town. Groove City Cakes officially opened its first storefront in downtown Cambridge on Saturday, July 13.

The cake shop specializes in custom-made cakes and has been operating out of owner Jessica Sampson’s home for eight years. That is, until now.

Sampson said her family situation prompted her to seek a job that allowed her to work from home. But the stay-at-home business’s ever increasing popularity made opening a storefront the next logical step in Sampson’s cake-making career.

Sampson said her passion for cake art started when she was working as a cashier at the SuperFresh grocery store in Cambridge. She said the store needed a cake decorator, so they pulled her back to help out.

When the store eventually closed for good, she said, she decided to continue decorating cakes for her friends, family and community members.

People loved her cakes and she loved making them, she said, admitting her primary mode of advertising had been word of mouth among satisfied and prospective customers.

Sampson’s work now ranges from gender reveal and wedding cakes to NBA- and cartoon-themed cakes, plus her noncommissioned work, which features cake pops, cupcakes, cookies and other handmade desserts.

Sampson said she wants the community to know Groove City Cakes makes good cakes and she hopes business continues to do as well as it has been since the storefront opened.

Groove City Cakes offers custom cakes at a range of prices, starting at $15 and going up to more than $65, depending on size and decoration requests.

The storefront’s operating hours are from noon to 7 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday, and noon to 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

For more information or to order a custom cake, visit Grove City Cakes Facebook page or the company’s website,

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