CAMBRIDGE — Drinks and cups were thrown at Trump supporters during a roadside campaign rally on Saturday, Oct. 10 in Cambridge.

The incident could result in assault and speeding charges against the occupants of a car with Pennsylvania tags who allegedly threw the objects at Trump backers who convened along Route 50.

Ted Bryant, chairman of the Victory for Trump of Dorchester County and vice chair of the Dorchester County Republican Central Committee, said a contingent of Trump supporters gathered with signs and banners along the roadway on Saturday, Oct. 10.

Bryant said most of the passers-by were supportive but an opposing group did stop nearby and put up anti-Trump signs.

“They had an ‘f- — Trump’ sign and flags,” Bryant said. “We just let them go.”

Bryant, however, said another car approached the pro-Trump group. “They were cursing at us and giving us the bird and then went away,” he said.

But the car which had Pennsylvania tags doubled back at a fast speed, according to Bryant. “I thought it was originally going to hit a couple of us,” Bryant said. “They threw drinks at us and then their empty cups.”

The contents might have been coffee or iced tea. No one was injured but Bryant said the Trump backers were upset by the incident. “Nobody got hurt,” Bryant said.

He said one of the attendees at the Trump rally was a retired law enforcement officer who called the Maryland State Police.

Bryant was told a state trooper eventually pulled over the car and eventually interviewed those at the rally. A state police official confirmed to The Star Democrat that there was an incident being investigated at the Cambridge rally involving a potential and alleged second-degree assault.

State police said in a statement that the liquid thrown at the Trump fans was coffee and a criminal investigation is underway.

The 2020 presidential campaign between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden has been combative and contentious. Campaign signs for both candidates have been vandalized, damaged and stolen throughout the Eastern Shore and other parts of the country.

Biden supporters, who have also held roadside rallies on Route 50, have also reported verbal taunts. Businesses, on both sides of the campaign, have been threatened with boycotts and harassed if they take a political stance.

The Trump rally on Saturday, Oct. 10, was held on Route 50 near the Comfort Inn. Bryant said the event was held on private property with the permission of the owners.

Bryant said U.S. Rep. Andy Harris, R-Md.-1st, also attended the Cambridge event but that was after the incident.

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