Delmarva Power to upgrade lines from East New Market to Cambridge

Delmarva Power announced plans to upgrade 11 miles of transmission and distribution lines that run between East New Market and Cambridge, beginning late 2020.

CAMBRIDGE — Delmarva Power recently announced plans to upgrade 11 miles of transmission and distribution lines that run between East New Market and Cambridge.

The construction project, set to begin late 2020 and conclude by May 2022, involves replacing wood poles with new, more durable steel poles, as well as upgrading wires and other electric devices, according to a Delmarva Power press release.

The company said the new, modern poles are “designed to withstand severe weather conditions, such as 120 mph hurricane-force winds and blizzard conditions” — plus they have a “much longer service life [than wooden poles] and require much less maintenance over time.”

The new poles, in combination with upgraded wires and devices, will “prevent outages and enhance overall reliability for the residents of Dorchester County.”

Delmarva said some homeowners and businesses can expect minor, scheduled outages during the construction period — but the outages will be limited to short durations of time.

“We will work with each resident and business owner directly to notify them of these outages and work with them to reduce their impact,” the company said.

Delmarva also said all construction work will be performed “within the times identified in the construction permits,” and noise levels from construction will be kept “within established thresholds.”

In addition to issuing advance notices to potentially affected community members, Delmarva said representatives will be available to answer questions that may arise among residents.

In a release Delmarva wrote, “The East New Market to Cambridge Project is part of our broader strategic effort to strengthen and modernize the energy grid across our service area.”

“This effort includes dozens of targeted projects in communities across the Eastern Shore of Maryland to harden our critical energy infrastructure and build a more resilient grid to prevent those outages that can be prevented,” the release said.

Delmarva said during the last five years, the number of electric outages in its Maryland service area has gone down 40%.

This upcoming project will enhance service reliability for more than 13,600 Dorchester County customers.

For more information or to see photo simulations of the completed project, visit

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