CAMBRIDGE — Cambridge residents have headed efforts to get a family with a 3-month-old baby back on their feet after a devastating house fire left them homeless.

The family’s house at 2915 Pungy Path in Cambridge went up in flames around midnight, Monday, July 1, leaving only a partial skeleton of the place they called home.

One person was transported and treated for smoke inhalation after the incident, but no others were injured, the Maryland State Fire Marshall reported.

The blaze, which was called in to officials by a neighbor shortly after it flared up, was the result of an electrical error. Officials deemed it an accident.

Since the fire, the community has come together to raise money and collect items for the home’s tenants, Jon Nicholls, his girlfriend Kelsey Gross, and their infant, Kacie.

Nicholls and Gross described running out of their house with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Within minutes, the home was engulfed in flames, Gross said.

The couple said they never expected something like this to happen to them, but they’re blessed to have so many people reaching out to help.

So far the family has received $5,425 from donors to its GoFundMe page, created by Nicholls’s co-workers at Safe Chain Solutions in Cambridge.

On the GoFundMe page, the company wrote, “We are so grateful that everyone was unharmed and able to evacuate safely. Unfortunately, due to this horrific tragedy, they have lost much (if not all) of their personal belongings.”

The page prompted people to give “money needed to live day to day,” as well as offer the family a place to stay.

The company described Nicholls as “one of the kindest, sweetest, most well-meaning people you will ever meet.”

But Safe Chain Solutions isn’t alone in setting the family up to receive donations. Maiden Maryland, a local boutique, also opened its doors to accept monetary and goods donations.

The boutique’s owner, Tammy Lynndee, said her business would not calculate service fees for people who wish to donate to the family through them.

Lynndee said she’s happy to house donated items at her shop until the family gets resettled. She also said they have a jar on their check-out counter for cash donations.

“I don’t know the family who was affected, but we decided we could be a drop-off point because it’s hard to find some things when you need them,” she said.

The family called the reaction from the community awesome, and said someone was looking down on them when they were saved from the flames.

The couple is accepting items such as clothes, furniture, and baby supplies. The baby wears 0-to-3-month clothes. Gross wears size small or medium. Nicholls wears extra-large shirts and size 32/32 pants.

To make an online donation, visit under “Jon Nicholls Fire Recovery Fund.”

For cash and goods donations, drop or send items to Safe Chain Solutions at 822 Chesapeake Drive, Cambridge — or to Maiden Maryland at 501 Poplar St., Cambridge.

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