Sonia Morales


CAMBRIDGE — A 24-year old woman will remain held without bond in the Dorchester County Detention Center following numerous charges of assault, threat of mass violence and reckless endangerment.

Dorchester District Judge John L. Norton elected to hold Sonia Morales, 24, of Cambridge, without bond in the Dorchester County Detention Center in a preliminary hearing Sept. 8, citing concerns about public safety.

Morales was arrested and charged with eight counts of felony first-degree assault, eight counts of second-degree assault and four other counts related to violence and endangerment on Aug. 16 after allegedly threatening to kill eight people and sending a video of a gun in a Snapchat group.

The arresting officer from the Cambridge Police Department described the Snapchat video as showing Morales laying in bed waving the handgun around in a “very care free” way before pointing the gun at the camera multiple times, pretending to make a shooting motion with the gun. Morales also showed the bullets loaded into the magazine for the gun in the video. The bullets appeared to be .22 caliber, according to the police report.

The report also indicated that a juvenile was sitting on the same bed as Morales while she was taking the video. Officers talked to the two juveniles located at the apartment, who told police they were in the room while Morales was waving the gun around.

One of the members of the group told police that Morales had stated in a group message that she was going to kill everyone in the chat and then sent the video of her waving a handgun around. The member also told police that she was unsure if the gun was loaded or unloaded because the slide was closed on the gun.

Another member of the group chat reported that Morales sent her a message asking if “they like they bullet gold or silver.” Morales reportedly sent a photo of the gun with a loaded magazine when she asked this question, according to police.

When police searched Morales’s apartment just prior to her arrest, they were unable to locate the handgun.

In the preliminary hearing, Norton said he did not believe the state could proceed on the felony charges and chose to enter a nolle prosequi for the eight counts of first-degree assault. The remaining charges are misdemeanors.

An attorney for Morales asked for a bail review at the hearing, asking that she be released largely due to the current COVID-19 outbreak at the Dorchester County Detention Center.

However, Norton placed an emphasis on public safety and the safety of the children in the video as the reason to continue holding Morales without bond.

Morales is expected to appear in the Dorchester County District Court on Nov. 3 for a trial.Natalie Jones is a reporter at The Star Democrat in Easton covering crime, health, education and Talbot County Council. You can reach her with questions, comments or tips at

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