CAMBRIDGE — Local artist Bobbie Jo-Elle Ennels recently completed a new mural entitled “Believe” on Tuesday, July 13, in Cambridge.

Ennels, a self-taught artist who began creating in 2014, has predominately focused painting acrylic on canvas, photo-realistic pieces.

In June, she began painting her first large mural of the word “believe” on the cinder block side wall of the convenience store located at the corner of Washington Street and Greenwood Avenue.

While she was working on it, Ennels said she hoped the mural would be an inspiration to the people in the community and anyone passing by the wall.

“It’s not just relatable to one race or one type of person,” she said.

“I’ve gotten so much positive feedback,” said the artist. She called it an honor fulfill her goal of evoking emotion and provoking thought.

Ennels has more projects in the queue. She is currently finishing the mockup for a mural on the corner of Cedar Street and Pine Street commemorating the pre-1967 black business community, an area largely destroyed by fire during a period of social unrest in the city during the civil rights era.

She is also slated to paint a mural on the River Church on the wall facing Academy Street.

The store, Short Stop Food Mart, is owned by Frank Azl, who also owns Cambridge Super Soda on Cedar Street.

Ennels was aided in the painting process by many people, including help from Jeanne Elliott, mother of murder victim Roderick Russ. “She was a major help,” Ennels said.

In addition to grownups, the artist also had many neighborhood children come offer their help, and she would give them tasks to do.

“It was beautiful,” she said of the process.Mike Detmer is a staff writer for the Dorchester Star and Star Democrat based in Maryland. You can reach him at

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