Cambridge-Dorchester Regional Airport Director

Cambridge-Dorchester Regional Airport Director Amber Hulsey

CAMBRIDGE — Dorchester County recently Amber Husley as the new director for the Cambridge-Dorchester Regional Airport.

Hulsey comes to Dorchester County from Tennessee. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Airport Management and Master’s in Aviation Safety and Security from Middle Tennessee State University. Later this year she will complete her doctorate in International Development from the University of Southern Mississippi, majoring in social-cultural development and minoring in security.

Hulsey’s doctorate work has focused on aviation’s role in human trafficking into and within the United States. Her research will be published later this fall.

She began her career in aviation working for a fixed-base operator, which is an operation that provides support services to a general aviation airport. She also worked for airport authority boards, and in NASA’s Focus Lab at Middle Tennessee State University.

Hulsey’s diverse experience and in-depth research afford her valuable insight, particularly in reference to policies and regulations in the aviation industry.

“I can understand, based on my research experience, not only what something is, but also why something is coming out,” she said. “It’s more than just, ‘An accident happened. Here’s the new policy.’ It’s what led to that policy. In particular, safety management systems, my background primarily is in that, so keeping our airports safe, and what are the factors that keep our airports the safest without being too safe, so to speak.”

Her passion for aviation and excitement to live and work on the Eastern Shore are clear. There were other opportunities available during her job search, but the Cambridge-Dorchester Regional Airport piqued her interest more than any other.

“I think what set it apart from other jobs and offers was that I come from an airport where I’ve seen the growth,” Hulsey said. “I’ve seen the growth from an airport that was smaller than this, and now they are the number one airport in the state of Tennessee. They won airport of the year three years in a row over Nashville. So, I’ve seen them grow from a tee-hangar into a three-story terminal, two fixed-base operators on the airfield, and an airpark.”

Hulsey recognizes enormous potential, not only for expansion and growth of the airport itself, but also for the airport’s involvement and integration into the community.

“I want to be involved more in the community,” she said, citing another reason she was drawn to the job. “I want to make a difference more than just stepping into a role, and the unique thing is where Cambridge-Dorchester Regional Airport is at that cusp, it’s about to burst with all the projects that are going on here.”

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