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CAMBRIDGE — Police are looking for a suspect after a man was shot in the face Wednesday evening, Feb. 17, in Cambridge.

The 19-year-old Cambridge man is in stable condition after he was shot in the right side of his face from what police said was "quite a distance away."

Capt. Justin Todd, public information officer with Cambridge Police, said the victim told police he was standing on the 700 block of Washington Street about 8:24 p.m. when someone shot him from a distance.

When responding officers located the victim, he was bleeding from his face but was conscious and alert, Todd said. Todd called the victim "a very fortunate young man."

Todd added, "He actually walked to the ambulance."

Dorchester Emergency Medical Services took the shooting victim to Tidal Health Peninsula Regional Medical Center in Salisbury for treatment. He was reported in stable condition Thursday morning, Todd said.

Cambridge Mayor Andrew Bradshaw reacted Thursday to news of the shooting, "This is the kind of absolutely unacceptable crime that is going to come to an end in the City of Cambridge, period."

"One of the foremost goals of this administration and of this City Council is to bring a sense of pride in place to our city, and ending the violence is part of that effort," he added.

Bradshaw promised an ongoing review of successful practices from other agencies, as well as providing resources to law enforcement and community members for crime prevention and deterrence, and successful resolutions of investigations.

The mayor pointed to a recently introduced ordinance as part of the solution: "City Ordinance 1171, currently under review, is part of how we will solve this. By incentivizing Cambridge Police officers to stay with our agency, as well as encouraging them to locate in the city in which they work, we're ensuring our officers have a personal investment in ensuring the safety of our city."

"Cambridge will no longer accept these kinds of things, nor will we see them as normal," Bradshaw concluded.

The investigation is continuing, and anyone with additional information is asked to contact the Cambridge Police Department’s Detective Division.

Tips can be phoned in to CPD anonymously by calling 410-228-3784.

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