WYE MILLS — Three hundred eighty-six students were named to the Chesapeake College Dean’s List for Spring Semester 2021. The following students from Dorchester County earned a quality point average of 3.50 or better on at least seven credit hours:

Lauren Abbott of Fishing Creek, Rebecca Adams of East New Market, Skye Adshead of East New Market, April Anderson of Hurlock, Kevin Bailey of Hurlock, Chloe Bell of East New Market, Katie Beverley of Cambridge, Christopher Biskach of Hurlock, Paige Bleyer of Cambridge, Kaitlyn Bradley of Vienna, Callie Bradshaw of Cambridge, Giovanna Brown of Cambridge, Makayla Collins of Rhodesdale, Madison Cox of Cambridge, Kendra Era of Secretary, Michelle Era of Linkwood, Sarah Freund of Cambridge, Tobey Garner of Cambridge, Asia George of Cambridge, Sarah Golden of Hurlock, Lauren Gootee of Fishing Creek, Kyle Hardy of Cambridge, Kearson Harmon of Hurlock, Paige Hinson of Hurlock, Ruth Hoffman of Cambridge, Jakob Hughes of Crapo, Darrin Johnson of Cambridge, Hannah Jones of East New Market, Tyler Kilpatrick of Woolford, Brittany Kimbrew of Cambridge, Philip Knopp of Cambridge, Holly Lee of Secretary, Jordan Lewis of East New Market, Connor McDonough of Cambridge, Joshua McMullen of Cambridge,

Garrett McWilliams of Cambridge, Shana Morgan of Cambridge, Deshinna Nichols of Cambridge, Wa'Keira Outlaw of Cambridge, Wayne Outlaw of Cambridge, Shikeena Pitts of Hurlock, Ashlie Price of Woolford, Megan Price of Cambridge,

Remy Robinson of Hurlock, Emma Roop of Cambridge, Adamary Sanchez-Martinez of East New Market, Rebecca Schunick-Moxey of Hurlock, Chelsy Scott of Cambridge, Rachel Stewart of Rhodesdale, Chloe Turner of East New Market, William Turri of Cambridge, Brooke Webster of Cambridge, Yanying Wei of Cambridge, Taylor Werner of Woolford, Enessa Whitten of Church Creek, Eric Willey of Church Creek and Dawn Wilson of Hurlock.

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