HURLOCK — A Dorchester County juvenile is in custody after allegedly putting threatening posts on social media over the weekend. Images shared via social media among parents and students showed a person displaying three different firearms - two long guns and a handgun - with messages that read, "Locked and loaded for Monday", "Y'all want it Monday?@ND", and "Monday finna [sic] be a movie".

According to the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office, the threatening posts were made public via Snapchat and appeared to be targeted to North Dorchester High School.

Dorchester County Sheriff James Phillips confirmed that on Sunday, Feb. 9 shortly before midnight the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office was advised of the Snap-Chat message that had been received by a student at the North Dorchester High School in regards to a possible threat being made to carry out a shooting at the school on Monday morning.

Said Phillips, the Sheriff’s Office was able to identify the suspect as a 16-year old male student at NDHS. Deputies proceeded to the subject's residence where he was taken into custody. A search of the residence revealed no weapons.

However, parents responded Monday evening to the sheriff's department with concerns that the boy in question had other friends who were "supposed to follow through" with his plan to do harm. These same parents also expressed concern that no weapons had been recovered. 

Wrote one mother, "Who took the picture? And who's still hiding the guns?"

Phillips says the suspect is being very un-cooperative with investigators and has been arrested and charged with Threat of Mass Violence and Disturbing School Activities. He is currently awaiting action by the Juvenile Authorities.

The Sheriff’s Office says they are working very closely with the principal at the school and with Board of Education staff to maintain control of the situation. School was open on Monday.

"I want to assure the parents in the North Dorchester School area that the sheriff has provided the utmost in security measures at our schools in response to a threat and subsequent malicious spread of rumors meant to invoke a further scare," wrote Dorchester Councilman Lenny Pfeffer.

Pfeffer said he personally visited the schools on Monday and felt confident in the level of protection in place.

"Your child’s and our staff’s safety is our number one concern," posted Dorchester County Public Schools on Facebook, "Thank you for sharing information to help us keep our schools safe."

According to DCPS, the NDHS counselors are offering students support on an as needed basis to address any concerns.

The investigation is continuing and additional charges are possible, said Phillips.

Editor Hannah Combs contributed to this article. Email

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