June 2 Primary Election

CAMBRIDGE — In Dorchester 276 voters made in-person votes on Election Day, June 2, reported Kimberly Jones with the Board of Elections. Strict policies were in place in both Dorchester and Caroline Counties where press was not permitted to enter the voting area. The Caroline Board of Election officials came up with a creative solution to engage the public and committed to live streaming their canvassing.

Social distancing practices were in effect and election judges in Dorchester County wore masks and gowns. With the majority of votes as mail-in votes counted, early results recorded 39 percent of registered voters having cast ballots.For voters who wanted to step inside the building instead of placing their ballots in the collection box outside, officials requested their temperature be read.

Republicans and Democrats voted in near even numbers in Dorchester County, reported Jones, where overwhelming Republican support went to incumbent President Donald Trump and Congressman Andy Harris. Democrat voters favored Joe Biden for their presidential primary and Mia Mason in the primary race for congress.

The only local election on the Dorchester Ballot, Board of Education District 1 reported as of 11 p.m. Phil Bramble leading with 465 votes, closely followed by Mike D. Diaz with 408 votes - more results will be tallied in the next two canvasses, said Jones.

The local election in Caroline County was also for the Board of Education, District 2 and is a narrow race between Richard Barton with 238 votes and Paul Schoonover, 271 votes. Other results for Caroline County were not available Tuesday night.

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