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Cambridge remains calm despite unrest elsewhere

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Pine Street in Cambridge

On the night that riots were breaking out across the country, calm prevails over Cambridge, including Pine Street, despite unrest in other areas of the nation.

CAMBRIDGE — Cambridge remains calm despite unrest elsewhere in the nation. Violence and turmoil over racial and political issues has been a part of Cambridge’s past, but peace prevailed at a Black Lives Matter rally Sunday, June 7 in Cambridge.

Cambridge Mayor Victoria Jackson-Stanley said that she is very concerned about the challenging times facing the nation, as a local leader but also as a black woman, a mother and a grandmother.

“I thank God that the people of Cambridge have taken the peaceful way,” said Jackson-Stanley. “I pray every day that we can keep a peaceful community.”

“You have a right to speak up, but you don’t have a right to destroy property,” she said.

“I appreciate our police officers’ understanding of our community,” said the mayor.

“The rioting and looting that is going on in so many cities throughout our country is just so devastating to watch; however, what is positive to me is to see the peaceful protest and people coming together to speak out on what they believe in,” said Cambridge Police Department Public Information Officer Capt. Justin Todd.

“Everyone needs to be treated with dignity and respect and nothing less. That is what is so encouraging about the City of Cambridge and the peaceful protest that we have had thus far,” Todd said.

Todd said there is “work to be done,” but that he is “proud of the way the City of Cambridge has responded to the protest and proud to be able to work with so many leaders within our community to continue to grow together as we work hard to make Cambridge a better place for our citizens as well as our visitors.”

“We’re not Mayberry,” said Jackson-Stanley, who added that while the city is not perfect, many diverse people have lived here together and made great contributions. “We’re better than Mayberry,” she concluded.

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