Cambridge Election Counting

Election workers and officials count ballots in the city’s runoff election.

CAMBRIDGE — Voters selected a new mayor and two new commissioners in the runoff election on Tuesday, Dec. 1, in Cambridge. Andrew Bradshaw defeated three-term incumbent Victoria Jackson-Stanley 1,643-1,219 to win the mayoral race. Lajan Cephas defeated incumbent Donald Sydnor 223-218 in the Ward 2 runoff, and Jameson Harrington defeated Gary Gordy 216-210 in the Ward 3 contest.

The mayoral race and wards 2 and 3 commissioner races went to a runoff when the top two candidates in each race advanced after the Oct. 17 election without any one candidate receiving more than 50% of the votes in their respective races.

All six elected seats will be occupied by newcomers after the defeat of Jackson-Stanley, Sydnor, and current Ward 3 Commissioner Dave Cannon, who was narrowly defeated by Sputty Cephas in the October election. Ward 1 Commissioner Steve Rideout and Ward 5 Commissioner Robbie Hanson did not seek re-election, and Ward 3 Commissioner LaShon Banks-Foster ran unsuccessfully in the mayoral race.

The vote counting concluded at about 10:30 p.m., and the election judges voted to certify the election. The mayor and commissioners-elect will be sworn in and take their new seats at the city council meeting on Jan. 11.

When he is sworn in, Bradshaw becomes the twentieth mayor to serve Cambridge since 1896.

After the results were announced, Jackson-Stanley said she called Bradshaw to congratulate him and plans to meet with him to discuss the transition in the coming week.

“I’m extremely humbled by the faith the people of Cambridge placed in me, and also excited to get to work moving Cambridge ahead once more. I’m proud of the campaign we put together, and of the respectful manner in which Mayor Jackson-Stanley’s campaign and my own campaign discussed the many issues facing Cambridge. Winning the election was the first step, but the truly hard work will soon begin. I look forward to meeting every challenge,” said Bradshaw.

“It’s exciting to see the shift in leadership with the next generation willing and eager to participate in the success of Cambridge. I am confident that this new council is going to work as a team to complete the important initiatives of the last council, and even more importantly, to begin Cambridge’s very exciting next chapter. The engagement, energy, and record number of the constituents that voted is also a powerful testament that our community cares deeply about and is excited to participate in Cambridge’s future,” said Roche.

“I consider this to be a blessing to work with constituents and the other newly elected members of the council so we can come together to make solutions to benefit the city and the people that live here,” said Lajan Cephas, “I want to be used as a positive vessel to hep people in their lives and in our city.”

“I’m humbled and honored that the people of Ward 3 chose me for this vital position. You can expect me to continue the momentum, hard work, and energy from my campaign into the job of councilmen. I look forward to working with my fellow newly elected officials to guide the heart of the city as well as all of Cambridge towards a brighter and more equitable future,” said Harrington.

“I’m looking forward to providing a fresh, young perspective, directing Cambridge to a progressive destiny. Without a youthful vision and strength of belief, there is no growth. Without the partnership of seasoned individuals there is no wisdom. Let’s move Cambridge together—forward,” said Sputty Cephas.

“I could not be more excited to work with such a talented and thoughtful group of individuals. Each newly elected official brings a unique perspective to the City of Cambridge and as lifelong resident I have never been more hopeful about moving Cambridge forward. We have a lot of work to do, but the future for our amazing town is very bright,” said Malkus.

Interestingly, Lajan Cephas and Sputty Cephas are sister and brother. “Although we share a bloodline we are two different individuals who have taken two different paths in life. It just so happened our paths have crossed in our political careers,” said Lajan, who is 10 years older, “I am as excited to work with Jameson, Andrew, Chad and Brian as I am to work with Sputty. We all have the vision, work ethic, networks and mental fortitude to collectively make our city of Cambridge better.”

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