• May 30, 2016

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Military forces deserve pay raise

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Posted: Wednesday, January 8, 2014 1:00 am

I just finished reading about the reduction in pay to military retires. I served for 10 years so I do not qualify for any retirement. I find it repulsive when people who never served say those in the military have it cushy and can retire so young. I for one would pay more in taxes if it could be guaranteed to go to our military personnel — both active duty and retired.

While I can’t speak from experience for the Army and Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard personnel, I can tell you that sea duty may have one common job in the civilian side, namely forced coal mining. Aboard ship, you stand four hours watches every 12 hours and work at other jobs from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. everyday and more if needed to keep the ship running. You don’t get off early on Friday to go do your favorite weekend thing even if its only to rest. Duty is a 24/7 life. And you don’t make the civilian equivalent even with housing allowance and commissaries. It is hard to build equity in a house or land.

Medical services are A-OK, I am amazed sometimes that doctors would serve compared to what their counterparts in the civilian world make. But it’s part of the big picture.

Our military personnel choose to serve our country.

The representatives in D.C. most of the time couldn’t care less about the members of the Armed Forces save at election time and then they don’t guarantee that the votes of our deployed service personnel are properly counted if we are to believe the news reports.

I say give those who served and those who are serving a pay raise and cut all this spending on “the sex life of the goose worm” or the “spending habits of the average housewife” and other such nonsensical subjects. Get back to what the Constitution requires of our Government, one of which is to provide for a military.

To those served and to those who are currently serving, I say Thank You for your service. God bless them all.



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